Celebrity Endorsement Ads: La-Z-Boy, DirecTV, Vita Coco


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In this week's celebrity ad roundup, various stars bring a new theatrical and humorous edge to their standing endorsement deals. Read on to see how Brooke Shields, Eli Manning, and Jane Lynch continue to make their brands shine. 


La-Z-Boy: Brooke Shields

As the visitor Stavros reveals his face transplant, Brooke Shields's character reveals her living room's "transplant" to the tune of dramatic telenovela sound effects and theatrics.





DirecTV: Eli Manning

Following in the trend of similar alter-ego campaigns, New York Giant Eli Manning shows off his convenient, high-definition DirecTV subscription package to his outdated, bad-comedian alter-ego.






Vita Coco: Jane Lynch

In one of many similar spots, Jane Lynch hilariously struggles to drink directly from a coconut and transport it with her. As she fails to fit the coconut in her cupholder while driving, we see how much more convenient the Vita Coco bottle is, with the same fresh taste.





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