Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Nike, Gatorade and Apple


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Celebs Do What They Do Best In Our Lastest Celeb Ad Endorsement Review

Athletes play and dancers dance in the most engaging new spots from celeb endorsement regulars Nike, Gatorade and Apple. And they all do this with powerful music from Alicia Keys, Marion Hill and Kanye West in the background, bringing a powerful drama to the celebrities doing what they do best while promoting the brands.

We all know celebrity sells, and these brands have leveraged this idea to the hilt - with expensive celebrity endorsement campaigns that allow them to truly create the face of the brand through Hollywood.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at celebrity endorsement ads featuring LeBron James, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant and Lil Buck.

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Nike - "Equality" feat. Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Serena Williams 

Nike harnesses a national emotion in their latest spot featuring top athletes from various sports breaking barriers and proving they are equal. Set to the background of Alicia Keys singing Aretha Franklin's "A Change Is Gonna Come," the ad reminds us, "here, you are defined by your actions, not your looks or beliefs."

"Equality should have no boundaries," continues the narrator. "Opportunity should not discriminate... worth should outshine color." 

Finally, the LeBron James reminds us, if we can be equals on the court or on the field, "we can be equals everywhere," as the tagline "Equality Has No Boundaries" appears across the screen.

This powerful ad finds perfect timing, not only during Black History Month, but with thecurrent political climate. Check it out:

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Gatorade - Serena Williams

Perhaps the queen of celebrity endorsement ads, Serena Williams appears again in our second featured ad along with high school musicians and athletes performing Kanye West's song, "All Of The Lights" all while eating Gatorade's new bars.

Even Serena can't help but sing along while she eats her Gatorade bar.

This ad is catchy, short and sweet, and works perfectly for the beverage and health food brand.


Apple - Lil Buck

Famous dancer and sometimes-model Lil Buck stars in the latest Apple ad for iPhone 7. In this mesmerizing ad featuring Apple's AirPods, the dancer turns on Marion Hills dreamy and catchy tune "Down" and proceeds to dance as if gravity has no effect on him.

It's impossible to look away as Lil Buck dances down the street, up walls, and on the ceilings of theatre marquees.  It's excellent storyboarding and keeps the viewer absolutely tuned in.

The song is a perfect choice to advertise headphones and the weightlessness of Lil Buck reminds us of how cool the new AirPods are.

Here's the ad:

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Could Your Brand Benefit From A Celebrity Endorsement?

Are you interested in integrating your brand's product with a celebrity but simply don’t know where to start? There is so much more to product placement and celebrity endorsement partnerships than you may think and it is important to be educated about the key tactics to best fit your brand. Check out more examples of celebrity endorsement ads.

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