Celebrity Endorsement Ads: Old Navy, Strongbow, Fandango


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This edition of celebrity endorsement ads shows that laughter may after all be the best medicine. The prices that are so low that they appear to be a joke, the prank of ending a campaign relationship, and the mocking of antiquated technology tie together the effectiveness of Old Navy, Strongbow, and Fandango in their latest celebrity endorsement ads.


Old Navy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Notoriously funny Seinfeld and Veep star steals the screen with her continuous laugh.  What does she find so hilarious?  The prices that are so low, they simply cannot be serious! 





Strongbow Cider and Patrick Stewart

The malt beverage brand acknowledges its long-standing relationship with British endorser Stewart.  In this quick ad spot, the narrator touts the qualities of the beverage over an insert shot of a glass of cider, before jokingly telling Stewart he is fired from the campaign.





Fandango and Mark-Paul Gosselaar

The comedic actor walks us through an animated time warp of all the possible uses for our old "brick" phones versus our current phones, ultimately to confirm the convenience of accessing Fandango for all our movie ticket needs.






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