Celebrity Endorsement News: Snoop Dogg Suing Pabst


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Upon a change in ownership of malt beverage giant Pabst, the monetary agreements of rapper Snoop Dogg's endorsement got lost in translation, and he is suing.  While several parties on the brand's side are investigating the matter, this legal matter of celebrity endorsements is one in a growing field.

What This Means For The Celebrity And Brand

When the endorsement deal was initially inked, the rapper was to receive a 10% cut of the profits for Colt 45 beer, among other conditional benefits.

The issue at hand is a conditional clause in the contract, in which the rapper hoped to collect dues upon the sale of Pabst to the new owner.  He claims he has not been paid his dues, although similar cases have shown celebrities negotiating loopholes in a deal to gain a higher cut in an unexpectedly successful brand campaign.  The outcome remains to be seen. 


The Future Of Endorsement Deals

Endorsement deals are becoming an increasingly attractive option for not just brands, but celebrities as well - especially in the music industry.

As the entertainment world is changing and record sales, box office sales, and traditional cable subscriptions drop, entertainers look for alternative engaging ways to maintain their monetary worth and fan bases.

Owning a partial stake or getting an endorsement commission rate for a big brand is not uncommon, as opposed to a one-time fee for an ad campaign.  Therefore, many marketing legal experts foresee a rise in money-based (more than scandal-based) celebrity endorsement disputes as deals grow more complex.

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