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    Celebrity Endorsements And The Power To Drive Consumer Purchase Intent

    Posted by Stacy Jones on December 10, 2012 at 5:35 PM

    The Brand-Celebrity Connection

    Brands are synonymous with the celebrities that promote them. "But the right spokesperson doesn't make the actual product better. In fact in many instances, a celebrity endorsement means just a higher price tag."

    Is Your Partnership a Good Fit?


    A key to having great celebrity endorsed products is matching the media perception of a celebrity to a brand that fits. Great celebrity endorsed products examples are Ashton Kutcher and Nikon, Kelly Ripa and Electrolux, and George Foreman with his non-stick grill.

    According to the Journal of Advertising Research, stocks of companies that incorporate celebrity endorsements in their marketing mix go up an average of .25%. Supporting this, according to Advertising Age, sales can increase up to 20% when endorsement starts. In 2011, headphones priced over $100 with sales over $340 million in the US alone, think Beats By Dre and Simon Cowell's Sony-branded 'X' headphones. Using headphones as an example, these celebrity branded products work well because both moguls are pioneers in the music industry and appeal to mass audiences.

    What do you think about celebrity endorsed products? Do you feel that a celebrity endorsement can pique your interest in a brand? Read a little more about how celebrity choices have had major impact on brand sales in the past.

    A celebrity endorsement is a great way to expose your brand and product, but what happens if that celebrity makes a mistake and is on the receiving end of some terrible press? Will that have an effect on your brand image too? When working with celebrity talent it is always important to start creating a safety net to protect your brand during any form of crisis.


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