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Going Global

Dannon’s Activia, whose brand face has long been that of Jamie Lee Curtis, is now taking on a global campaign headed by Colombian-born, international music sensation Shakira.

Dannon's Activia Gets Sexy With Shakira

One of the main objectives of the campaign is to broaden its international reach, as the campaign will target over 50 countries. However, another benefit of enlisting the younger Latin songstress is to add more of a “cool factor” to the brand.

Since parting ways with Curtis, a few other celebrity endorsers have appeared in Activia’s ads in the U.S., including Reba McEntire, celebrity health expert Travis Stork, and boxer daughter of Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali.

With the new global initiative, while its messaging will be consistent to the digestive health theme, its “Dare to Feel Good” campaign will illustrate that “feeling good on the inside can make you feel wonderful overall,” according to Dannon VP of marketing Jeffrey Rothman.


Lebron James Makes A Twitter Save

Meanwhile, another mega celebrity endorser LeBron James is posting to backtrack from his mistweet. Forgetting for a second that he is part of Samsung’s $100 million endorsement deal with the NBA, James posted a tweet venting about his Samsung mobile device.


The tweet was deleted promptly, but was posted long enough for followers – and Samsung – to see. He then followed up by posting the following tweets in efforts to recover from the initial negative post.



Though this was not an ideal situation for Samsung, James's save was prompt and graceful. And with the NBA's star social media following and positive clout (and Klout), we're sure this teeny Twitter blip is not enough to disqualify the NBA star as a powerhouse brand endorser to the brand. Check out our blog post for more examples of resilience and flexibility in athlete endorsement deals.


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