Comcast's New X1 & What It Means For SVOD Product Placement Strategy


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How X1 Will Make Cable TV And Netflix A Seamless Experience

In a new revamp targeting those opting to cut the cord for SVOD and commercial-free services, Comcast's Xfinity has release their new platform "X1" that integrates streaming content into their cable services with a Roku-like interface that combines cable TV, On Demand, Netflix as well as social media sharing capabilities. 

Comcast's new X1 looks to reshape the way consumers use cable and SVOD together. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at what Comcast's X1 launch means for the future of marekters interested in adding SVOD product placement to their marketing strategy.

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Comcast X1

With thousands of cable customers cancelling their service in favor of streaming services, cable companies like Comcast are scrambling to keep up. Comcast's response is the new X1 platform that "seamlessly merges entertainment with the rest of your life."


According to their website:

"Utilizing advancements made possible by the cloud and Comcast’s extensive technology network, X1 combines customized apps, social media features and traditional video services to deliver a personalized and dynamic TV entertainment experience." 

The new platform allows users to search across On Demand, Live TV and their DVR recordings to find what they want to watch, and even features voice control. The app, similar to Roku in design and functionality, suggests things you may like and offers shortcuts to things you regularly watch. 

Most notably, however, this new technology will make Netflix's original content accessible to X1 users with a Netflix subscription. 


What Does This Mean For Netflix's Original Content - And Brand Marketers?

In short - the streaming giant is expanding their reign. While X1 users must still be Netflix subscribers to access the app from their device, the seamless integration into their media content means more access to original content.

X1 users also have the ability to sign up for Netflix through X1, inevitably bringing countless more subscribers to the SVOD king. 

This is great news for brand marketers with placement in Netflix's original content - or those looking to start integrating their brand into that content through SVOD product placement strategy. The opportunities are endless. And because Netflix doesn't have the same restrictions on brand integration as regular broadcast television and also is ad-free, product placement is ideal for Netflix content. 

Check out our blog post about on How Brands Win By Leveraging SVOD Product Placement to read more about why streaming television may by replacing traditional TV and how your brand can use this to your advantage.

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