Creating An Integrated Media and Entertainment Marketing Plan


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The Most Popular Entertainment Marketing Tactics

Hollywood Branded Inc. conducted a survey exploring the best entertainment marketing strategies used by brands and agencies, and how receptive consumers are to these strategies

One section of the survey identified the most popular marketing tactics used by brands and agencies.  The choices provided included Product Placement, Brand Integration, Co-Branded Entertainment Promotions (where the brand uses their retail packaging/point of sale or their media buys to also advertise the entertainment content), Event Sponsorships and Celebrity Endorsements or Seeding.  The overwhelming results reported were Product Placement and Event Sponsorship. 

Agencies on the other hand tended to be more likely to create Brand Integration plans - likely due to the fact that this practice is closely tied to leveraged media buy plans.  Higher dollar activations are also more desirable by those collecting percentages of budget spend, which may be a key driver for some agencies.



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When developing an entertainment marketing plan it is important to consider multiple tactics and strategies to incorporate in the mix. Is your brand a suitable fit for a product placement, or event sponsorship, or could you utilize other tactics? Learn more about product placement strategies here.

Do you think your brand has what it takes? Read more to find out whether your brand's project is a brand vehicle.

Curious to see more from our survey? Download the 2015 survey results here:

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