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In Honor Of The World Series, Who Are Celebs Cheering For?

Sports teams are some of the oldest and most recognizable brands in the United States. In fact, many celebrities, including Jay-Z and Michael Jordan - have become investors in teams.  And even more celebrities come out in droves to cheer on their favorites.   Especially with baseball. 

Baseball is unique - it is, after all, "America's past time" and the MLB is one of the oldest professional sports leagues in the nation - which means passion runs high. And this year is a particularly special year, as both teams haven't won a World Series in quite a long time (176 years if you combine the two droughts.)  In the spirit of the 2016 World Series, Hollywood Branded takes a deeper look at the A-lister celebrity fans of the Cubs and Indians team brands, and who the celebrities are cheering for.

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The Chicago Cubs

Did you know that there is a bigger span of time between now and the last time the Cubs won a World Series (1908) than there was between the last Chicago World Series win and John Adams's presidency?

Yep, the Chicago Cubs are pretty much the most long-suffering group of fans in Major League Baseball. But their fans are as loyal as ever and include some big-name celebrities as well.

Tons of funnymen are huge Cubs fans, from classic comedians like Jim Belushi, Bill Murray and Vince Vaughn to TV comedians Jake Johnson and Nick Offerman.

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Even Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central fame is a huge fan and in fact went to Wrigley Field in disguise to "sell" hot dogs (read: throw them, sign them, catch them and take bites out of other people's). Check out the hilarious video:

Other huge Hollywood names cheering for the Cubbies including John Cusack, Gary Sinise and even Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, who can be seen on a fan's shoulders after their big playoff win. 


And of course, Presidential nominee and native Chicagoan Hillary Clinton was also spotted celebrating the big win from the campaign trail.


The Cubs brand is certainly benefitting from the craze, selling Cubs gear and tickets galore, but also as the world views their brand in a new, exciting and once-in-a-lifetime light.  The stadium seats in the rafters won't be so empty next year... 

The Cleveland Indians

The Indians aren't without their own underdog story. They haven't won a World Series since 1948 and haven't played in the game since 1997. Their fans are certainly ready for a win, including some big-name celebrities to boot.

Of course, Cleveland native and hometown hero LeBron James will be cheering big-time for the Indians, especially since his return to the Cavaliers from Miami.


Golden Globe nominated star of Parenthood Monica Potter is a huge Cleveland Indians fan as well, as is Drew Carey who has thrown out numerous pitches over the years.


Beloved Cleveland rapper and actor Kid Cudi has been an avid fan for years. Check him out hanging with the Indians' mascot, aka Slider.


One of the Cleveland Indians' biggest fans and also one of the biggest names in Hollywood is the multiple-award winning star Tom Hanks. While Hanks was born and lives in California, he attributes the success of his career to his time spent interning and acting in Cleveland where he became a huge Indians fan. Check out just how big of a fan he is as he trades barbs with Cubs fan Stephen Colbert:

While the Cleveland Indians may not have as many stars rooting for them to win, the ones they do have make a huge impact, even having the audacity to go up against Colbert.

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