Facebook Targeting: Elevate Your Brand’s ROAS With Strategic Planning


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What’s Our Game Plan?

With a whopping over 100 million users hanging on Facebook and Instagram, including strategic Facebook targeting in your checklist is essential to boost your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Leveraging digital presence can be challenging, it’s not easy and we've heard countless horror stories of brands flushing their money without getting success returns. The unfortunate reality is that they often find themselves falling far short of their ideal KPIs. In this article, Hollywood Branded not only acknowledges the challenges but also unveils a set of proven and effective Facebook targeting strategies for your ads campaign. These strategies are designed to not only elevate your brand's visibility but also ensure a more favorable return on your advertising investment.

Facebook Targeting Mastery Elevate Your Brand’s ROAS With Strategic Planning

Understanding The Facebook Sales Funnel

Before kicking off your first Facebook ads campaign, you need to understand the three theoretical parts of the sales funnel:

Facebook Ads Sales Funnel

There's a catch!
If you're aiming for revenue, you can still use the 'conversion' campaign even when you're at the top of the funnel (TOFU) to target engaged shoppers most likely to buy from your brand. This strategy proves highly effective, particularly in Catalogue Ad creatives, which are most applicable to eCommerce brands.

The Sad Truth of Traffic/Awareness Goal

You should not expect too much from this campaign, this budget-friendly goal isn't designed for conversion, but a lot of successful brands overcome this challenge by integrating strong creatives into their ads.

A successful approach is teaming up with influencers or celebrities who impact buyer decisions. In fact, 94% of viewers are influenced by what they see, driven by their aspirations, and 60% of purchases seem to be influenced by on-screen endorsements. Hollywood Branded excels in this type of planning. You can book a free consultation for more tailored advice.


Types Of Campaign Optimization For Facebook Targeting:


Once you identify the goal you want to achieve in your first campaign, you can then choose the type of optimization to save on ad spend.

1. Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) or Advanced Campaign Budget

advanced campaign budget

CBO lets you set a single budget for an entire campaign, Facebook automatically distributes it among different ad sets based on performance. So basically, you let the algorithm do the work for you in allocating more budget to high-performing ad sets.

When to use: When you're starting and trying to understand which audience targeting attracts the most attention for your services/products.

Worst cases: If your creatives don't resonate with your audience, the CPC will be higher compared to ABO.


2. ABO (Ad Set Budget Optimization)

In contrast to Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO), ABO provides advertisers with granular control over spending optimization at the individual ad set level. With ABO, advertisers can fine-tune their budget allocations to capitalize on the strengths of specific ad sets, ensuring a more nuanced and targeted approach to maximize campaign effectiveness.

When to use: If you’re certain about your budget

3. Advanced Shopping Campaign (ASC)

Tailored for eCommerce brands, the Advanced Shopping Campaign (ASC) is a powerhouse, ideally suited for brands with a diverse product range exceeding four items, all without relying on Catalog Ads (Dynamic Ads).

advanced campaign budget-1

Ad Creatives That Work

Ad creatives work on a case-to-case basis. For eCommerce brands, harnessing the power of a smart catalog often leads to higher conversions. However, exploring more creative options can help you counterpart the ad fatigue. 

Let's use eCommerce as an example:
If you're partnering with an influencer/celebrity, creating a video in UGC or testimonial format is so powerful to influence consumers' purchase decisions.

You can also try the other creatives:

  • Catalogue - Single Image Format
  • Catalogue - Single Video Format
  • Catalogue - Single Image with Card
  • Carousel - Image with Mixed Video
  • Catalogue - Collection Form
  • New Image Format
  • Video Format
  • Existing Facebook Post

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No Conversion From Ads?

Now that they've clicked on your ads – great! But NO conversions? This shifts the focus to Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). In addition to optimizing your ads, don't overlook the importance of delivering a seamless user experience

In generating conversion, these factors are crucial to your success.

  • Frequency
  • AOV (Average Order Value) - For eCommerce
  • MMR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) - B2B
  • Conversion

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