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How Facebook Is Innovating To Follow Trends And Create Content

It seems Facebook is taking a page from Snapchat's book with their new "Watch" feature that allows users to access Facebook Live as well as content created originally for the platform. While it is still in its early phases, this certainly opens up the platform to continue following trends set by others like Snapchat and Instagram.

With two original series and the ability for users to create content, this could turn into big money for brands and Facebook alike. And new show opportunities for great product placement exposure. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks into Facebook's "Watch" with live video and original digital content launch that accompanies it.  

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What Facebook's New Feature Watch With Live Video Means For The Platform

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and the like are constantly vying for the eyes of their users and updating their platforms to that end. Three social medias that started off being vastly different have been doing similar things to keep younger generations engaged and content fresh.  And taking the best of the best from each other.

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This move has Facebook heading in the direction of those getting in on the streaming game as well as creating their own short-form original digital content. These social platforms are joining big streaming giants who are at an all time high in creating their own content - and they're getting good at it.

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Facebook has started with two series, a reality series called Ball In The Family centering on LeVar Ball's family and a feel-good series from Mike Rowe called Returning The Favor. Both series are featured alongside content from other Facebook content curators like NatGeo and Insider. Of course, there's more to come.

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How Can Brands Use This To Their Advantage?

Like all the intriguing and groundbreaking new original digital content that is being created, this is the perfect medium for brands to take advantage of. Whether it is by sponsoring a post or by working with influencers, brand marketers have a slew of opportunities to use this platform to reach tons of audiences.

A rare advantage that Facebook has is that it reaches more of a young professional demographic, one with more buying power than younger generations that stick mainly to Instagram and Snapchat.

We have yet to see how these changes will affect the power of branded and original content, but the trend is definitely going up and brands should hop on board.

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