Film Advertising Era 3.0: Brand Integration In Feng Xiaogang's Movies


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New industry Expansion: Chinese Brands Rapidly And Abundantly Featured In Hollywood Films
In 2012, China was ranked the world's second largest film market, and by this year, 2013, the development has shown tremendous growth.  The next full year is expected to exceed 22 billion yuan at the box office, making the Chinese market extremely important and one that the world's film moguls should not overlook.

Money Not The Key; Hollywood Productions Prefer Brand Integration As Chinese Element
The Mainland film industry began to expand outwards with the Wanda acquisition of U.S. AMC Cinemas, TCL title Hollywood Chinese Theatre and also, as a result of a series of Chinese companies operating on the capital level. This is an example of the strong momentum of China's capital in overseas film industry. This year, Chinese brands have begun to fast bulk implanted Hollywood. For example, "Transformers 3" implanted "lactose milk"  in 2013, then we have "Iron Man 3", "Smurfs 2", and other blockbusters.  A lot is coming up in terms of Chinese advertising.
Many of the Chinese brands, as compared to the rigid implants in Chinese-made films, prefer imported piece of film advertising, and often the story fits right. This is largely because during the embryonic stage in the script, you find that the film side and the brand side begin a collaboration. For example, the Chinese companies brands that contributed to the "Transformers 3" had movie scripts long before the movie release year.
The Hollywood film side for implant brand has strict requirements. Hollywood Branded Entertainment Marketing Company CEO, Stacy Jones, revealed that the Hollywood film side when looking for partners is often more selective, and any inconsistency found with fundamental qualities of a film are never considered.
Aside from the depth of the run from the script stage and the brand side, the Hollywood filmmakers for placement have to have a professional attitude.  They aim at securing the implant without giving up the quality of a film.  Many times you find that the contention is, where to place the product information?  Jones says, brands argue that, "Product information and positioning promised to give us a proper scene."  How to make the product appear consistent with the storyline is very important.  Hollywood's creative staff insist that, "If you sign a contract with them, a brand must appear in a specific shot and scene, or otherwise they refuse to work with you."
Wang Yi-fei on the other hand thinks that this strategy is not good at all.  There should be less emphasis on product placement in Hollywood films, and let the Chinese brand for them, making sure that there's more of Chinese elements, with a Chinese legend or superstar.  


钱并非万能钥匙 片方更想把广告当成中国元素
尽管都是中国品牌,但相比较在国产片中的生硬植入,进口片的广告往往生动有趣,与剧情贴合紧密,这很大程度上是因为在剧本草创阶段,片方就已经和品牌方开始了合作。曾经促成过《变形金刚3》等中国广告植入的业内人士透露,早在电影上映一年之前,中国公司就已经拿到了影片剧本。除此之外,好莱坞片方对于植入品牌也有着严格的要求。好莱坞知名娱乐营销公司Hollywood Branded公司负责人斯黛西·琼斯透露,好莱坞片方在寻找合作伙伴时比较挑剔,不符影片气质的根本不予考虑。


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