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HBO's New Series The Young Pope Might Make You Thirsty

HBO is at the top of their game. With award-winning series like Game Of Thrones and Silicon Valley, and new hit Westworld charming critics and audiences alike, HBO has become known for its high-quality production and massive audiences heralding from its days of Sex And The City and The Sopranos.

When a new show comes to HBO, especially one like The Young Pope featuring a killer A-list cast including Jude Law and Diane Keaton, people take notice. With hundreds of thousands of people watching, it's a gold mine for brands looking to integrate their product into content.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at the surprising and successful Coke Zero unique product placement brand integration in the new HBO series The Young Pope.

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The Young Pope Knows What He Wants (And It's A Coke Zero)

The Young Pope premiered January 15th, giving viewers a strange look into esteemed Italian filmmaker Paulo Sorrentino's version of the Vatican and St. Paul's Cathedral. In the series, the first American to ever be Pope has just been elected - and he's only 57 years old. 

From the moment he puts on the Pope's garb, he doesn't tread lightly in letting people know what he wants. Most specifically, a Cherry Coke Zero. 

In one of the most poignant and memorable (albeit ridiculous) scenes of the show, we see the Pope come into his breakfast chamber. However, whiell there he doesn't eat much. "Bring me my Cherry Coke Zero," he orders. 

What's So Great About This Integration?

The Young Pope, by all accounts, is a strange show. Yet it has become an internet sensation and no one can stop talking about it. It's definitely the show to know about at the office water cooler. The series can be powerfully polarizing at times and at others, oddly funny. And the "Coke Zero" scene, as it has now been dubbed, is one of those great moments in the show that manages to combine both.


We never see the Coca-Cola logo and we never actually see Pope Pius XIII enjoying the beverage. But the truth is, we don't need that. The placement sticks with us as an audience because it is so vivid, strange and unlike anything we usually see.

Jude Law's character repeats the phrase "Cherry Coke Zero" three times in this scene, totaling three verbal placements. But beyond that, the idea that the first American Pope, who doesn't eat breakfast, and refuses to do anything until he has his Cherry Coke Zero, is the focal point of the entire scene.

The placement is memorable, avant garde and honestly pretty brilliant.

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