Hollywood Branded In The News: Better Call Saul's $1 Million Placement


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How One Brand Won Big On The Small Screen

For the second season running, one brand is making an impact on the small screen that has been estimated by third party valuation firms as being worth over one million dollars.  And the brand didn't pay a cent to the content producer.  This is a phenomenal example of what we try to explain to brand managers when asked if product placement is worthwhile.  While the majority of placements are more along the lines of product shown simply in the scene, home runs do occur.  Often.  There can be major wins along the way.  But only to be won if you are in the game of product placement and at the ready to take that additional mile to help make them become awe-inspiring.  

In this blog post we share an interview with our agency's CEO and the American Marketing Association on how one brand won big with product placement on a popular TV series seen around the globe.  And why it worked.



How This Magic Happens

For the brand who appeared in over two minute's of the series, true magic happened.  The show WANTED to write them in, because they knew about them (the first step!) and the brand was willing to risk it all to allow it to happen (the second step!). And then to fully support the placement by not only providing all the materials to build a retail store set on stage, the brand provided training as well on their product (the third step!)

And then they took it even further.  They wrapped their on-screen success into a retail store promotion supported by social media (the fourth step!)  And that is where the placement came to life off the TV screen and into the mobile and computer world of the brand's consumer base around the world.

Where it will continue to live in the decade to come and provide more value than if the brand had sunk in even a million dollars directly. 

American Marketing Association Article

Writer Hal Conick from the American Marketing Association's Marketing News Weekly interviewed our agency's CEO, Stacy Jones, to get her input on how these brand partnerships actually happen and why they work.  Want to know?

Read the article here!

Ready To Try Product Placement For Your Brand?

Have you ever wondered how a comprehensive product placement program works?  Or do you want to know how to create a promotional partnership strategy with a movie partner?  This video will answer all of your questions as it shows the steps and processes taken by Hollywood Branded that lead to your brand increasing both consumer engagement and sales!


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