How Brands Are Reaching Consumers: Streaming & Television


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Marketing to Consumers

It's the never ending question for brands. How do we catch and keep consumers' attention? With modern advances in technology, there are always new methods appearing that brands can utilize.

Shows, whether viewed on an actual traditional television or streamed, have the ability to reach a large audience. Distributors recognize the demand and as a result identified ways to work with brands to reach consumers where they are. In this article Hollywood Branded discusses the new and old ways brands are able to connect with audiences through streaming and television shows.

How Brands Are Reaching Consumers: Streaming & Television

Goodbye commercials, hello brand partnerships  

Gone are the days of predictable commercials interrupting your favorite shows. Today, brands are pushing the boundaries, crafting interactive ads that seamlessly enhance your show viewing experience.

This dynamic media landscape demands innovative tactics, and brands are rising to the challenge, engaging and influencing consumers in ways never before imagined.

So, how are brands navigating this ever-changing sea to reach their target audiences?

Buckle up, because we're diving into the fascinating world of modern consumer engagement in the age of streaming and television!

The Kelly Clarkson Show AND Pilot Pen

While streaming might be the new star, traditional television isn't fading to black just yet.

Most networks such as NBC Universal are turning to a hybrid method of offering shows on broadcast and streaming. 

This fusion unlocks a treasure trove of opportunities for brands, as exemplified by The Kelly Clarkson Show.

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Photo:The Kelly Clarkson Show | NBC Universal 

This daytime talk show masterfully leverages broadcast targeted advertising capabilities and streaming (via Peacock) younger demographic to reach a larger more diverse audience. This is beneficial to brands, such as Pilot Pen who have integrated into the show during the show's popular "What I'm Liking" segment and would like to target the younger and older generation.

Cable and streaming platform usage infographic

Photo: CordCutting

During the segment, Kelly introduces Pilot Pen as The Kelly Clarkson Show's "season-long partner," where guests are surprised with a $1,000 check courtesy of Pilot Pen to create a heartwarming association with the brand and its products while delivering key messaging points to viewers.

In addition to verbal mentions by Kelly Clarkson herself during essentially every episode throughout the season, Pilot enjoys prominent logo placement in the episode to highlight their support of creatives and overachievers doing great things!



FriXion TKCS

Photo: The Kelly Clarkson Show | NBC Universal 


Photo: The Kelly Clarkson Show | NBC Universal

Precise TKCS

Photo: The Kelly Clarkson Show | NBC Universal

Queen Charlotte and elemis

Shonda Rhimes' beloved Bridgerton universe, where lavish costumes and captivating characters reign supreme, transcends the screen with a touch of royal luxury. 


Photo: Netflix

Bridgerton S2

Photo: Netflix

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Photo: Netflix

Aligned with empowering and providing users with healthy elevated skin, British skincare brand Elemis saw the opportunity and  partnered with Netflix's Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Various Elemis products

Photo: Elemis

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Header

Photo: Netflix

As part of this partnership, Elemis crafted a limited-edition "Queen Charlotte Elemis Set" fit for a queen to attract fans of the Bridgerton franchise.

ELEMIS x Queen Charlotte Set

Photo: Elemis

This collaboration seamlessly blended the opulent world of the show with Elemis' renowned rose-infused products, offering fans a chance to pamper themselves like royalty.

India Amarteifio and Corey Mylchreest Queen Charlotte

Photo: Netflix

'Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story'  Lady Danbury

Photo: Netflix

ELEMIS skincare x Queen Charlotte Set

Photo: Elemis

From the pearl-embellished hairpins to the Pro-Collagen Rose Marine Cream, each piece whispers the secrets of Queen Charlotte's captivating beauty, inviting consumes to write their own chapter in a story of self-care and indulgence.

ELEMIS x Netflix Queen Charlotte Set

Photo: Elemis

In every luxurious detail, the set embodies the very essence of the Bridgerton universe: an emanation of excellence, ready to adorn the user's journey to personal brilliance.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Photo: Netflix

With Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story set in the early 1800s, when unfortunately Elemis had not been founded yet, Elemis demonstrates how brands can still partner with and leverage a popular intellectual property (IP) placement to reach desired audiences.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty and American eagle

A question frequently asked these days among brands is how should they market to a generation that's used to having the answers at their fingertips.

Well, American Eagle took a whack at it and partnered with Amazon original series The Summer I Turned Pretty and lead talent (i.e. Christopher Briney, Gavin Casalegno, and Lola Tung).

As part of the campaign Amazon publicized and provided a link to American Eagle on the show's main page and Amazon store webpage

Screen Shot 2024-01-02 at 4.04.02 PM

Photo: Amazon | Prime Video | The Summer I Turned Pretty

Amazon TSITP Store WebpagePhoto: Amazon

An additional perk that American Eagle received through this partnership with Amazon and The Summer I Turned Pretty was an in-show link to their products that appeared in or were inspired by the show that would be displayed to viewers when the show was either paused or when the viewer moved their cursor over the window as it played.

The Summer I Turned Pretty S2 Corset Top

Photo: Amazon | Prime Video | The Summer I Turned Pretty

TSITP Jean Shorts

Photo: Amazon | Prime Video | The Summer I Turned Pretty

TSITP Cam Shirt

Photo: Amazon | Prime Video | The Summer I Turned Pretty

With clothing associated with specific characters from the series, American Eagle leveraged the power of these rising stars and not only curated videos and photos of the cast in the American Eagle apparel, but also had them post to their socials!


Christopher Briney American Eagle IG Post

Photo: Instagram | @ChrisBriney_

Utilizing the talent's large social followings to actively promote American Eagle both tied to the show and in more natural settings, extends the show's reach and amplifies brand messaging beyond the screen in a more personable way.


making a special Summer delivery to a very special person @americaneagle @thesummeriturnedpretty #aepartner #aejeans

♬ original sound - Christopher Briney

okay but anyone down for a mustache round 2??👀@American Eagle #aepartner #aejean

♬ original sound - GavinCasalegno

Certainly an investment, it seems that American Eagle's method of cross-platform storytelling has paid off as teens and young adults (primarily female) flocked to grab the licensed The Summer I Turned Pretty apparel (with the Team shirts being a huge hit with the rivalry going strong). 


Notice how the team Jeremiah shirts were lowest in stock…🌸 #tsitp #teamjeremiah #americaneagle #fyp @American Eagle @Citadel Outlets @the summer i turned pretty

♬ family affair - JÆ

Connect with Audiences

The future of brand-consumer connection lies not in a battle between streaming and television, but in their harmonious embrace.

As these screens merge into a unified entertainment landscape, brands have the opportunity to craft innovative narratives that seamlessly weave across platforms, captivating audiences across every corner of the content cosmos.

Screen Shot 2024-01-03 at 10.56.43 AM

Photo: Magic Media | Canva

The possibilities are endless, and brands that embrace this evolving media ecosystem will thrive. By understanding the power of storytelling, leveraging interactivity, and forging authentic partnerships, brands can forge deeper connections with consumers than ever before.

So time to get creative and connect with audiences in these fun and exciting ways!

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