How Brands Increase the Chance of an Awards Season Product Integration


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Brand Managers Need To Move At Lightning Speed To Secure A Product Integration

Many event producers operate on a fairly quick turnaround, with less than a couple of months prep, which can make it difficult for brands who want to pre-plan a year or more out to align with fiscal budget planning.

A brand manager can improve their chance of having their brand chosen by presenting a beautifully packaged product, accompanied by the brand's story of why the product is unique, fantastic, or beneficial, helping it to stand out during awards season.

What are some things one can do to increase their chances of their products being chosen?


Swag bag event producers often request extra product for press.  This should be more important to the brand manager than what the celebrities will take home – as the digital, print and broadcast of the event is the big win.  Opportunities often exist to include the product in event swag bags given away on air on various talk shows or broadcast news segments, donated to charities or as part of a home consumer giveaway. 

Remember that the brand product given has value that needs to be leveraged. Our suggestion regarding any swag bag is to only participate in opportunities where there are guaranteed takeaway assets that can be used for PR and social media. This could include photos, social media posts, or testimonials from attending talent.  Often a few select chosen celebrities will be sourced by the event producer to provide a photo moment with the brands in the swag  bag, or a press opportunity that makes the product donation all the more worthwhile.  


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