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7 Basketball Stars Become The Selling Point For Three Brands

Famous and talented basketball players have long been featured in celebrity endorsement ads. In fact, Michael Jordan's Gatorade endorsement and subsequent ads are considered by some as being the greatest celebrity endorsements of all time. His Super Bowl ad makes #12 on our list of the Greatest Celeb Super Bowl Ads Of All Time.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded takes a look at the latest celebrity endorsement ads from Apple, Verizon and Foot Locker, featuring Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Ben Simmons.


Kobe Bryant - Off Of The Court And On Your Screen

Kobe Bryant has wasted no time finding other lucrative uses for his time after his retirement from the LA Lakers. In this new spot from Apple, he discusses Michael B. Jordan (Creed breakthrough star) playing his younger self in a hypothetical upcoming film.

As Jordan reflects on playing a Bryant battling against "Father Time" - rather than the highlight reel Bryant asks Siri to pull up. To help Kobe get the idea, he asks Siri to pull up The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and fast-forward to where Brad Pitt's character is seen in makeup that portrays him as a very old and withered man.

Kobe's reaction is swift and hilarious. Check it out: 

Lebron James - Verizon's New Spokesperson

Lebron James, fresh off his NBA title, is the new celeb featured in Verizon's ad campaigns. In the spot, a young student is hiding his phone behind his physics textbook. Lebron James interrupts his watching to tattle-tale... yet informs him the teacher can't hear because James is in his head.

Footlocker Pulls In Serious NBA Starpower

This new ad from Footlocker features #1 draft pick Ben Simmons chatting with his new league-mates including Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker and D'Angelo Russell.

He wants to know what life is like now that he's in the NBA. Each player gives their own piece of advice... until we reach D'Angelo Russell who just throws Simmons' phone into the ocean. 

How Can You Get Your Brand Involved With Celebrities?

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