How Brands Use Snapchat Discover In Their Marketing Strategies


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The Social Sharing Platform Is More Than Just Sharing Photos

Snapchat has become one of the fastest-growing and most used social media platforms of both Millennials and Generation X. While it started as a way to share pictures temporarily, it has evolved into so much more than that.

Huge media outlets are turning to Snapchat for the future of news, fashion, trends and much more. Everyone from CNN to Cosmopolitan are joining the trend, making their content shareable on one of the biggest social media platforms of our time.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how consumer product brands and media brands use Snapchat Discover in their marketing strategies. 

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Magazines And Newspapers Are Making Up For Less Circulation With Snapchat 

The truth is, print magazines have been declining in circulation for years, leading to reduced revenue. However, traditionally print magazines have turned to the internet and now to Snapchat, to increase their consumption.

Magazines like Cosmopolitan, People and National Geographic as well as reputable newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal are using their spot on the featured stories to create an entirely new content experience, reaching audiences they haven't been able to get through to in years.


Using images, bright colors and intriguing titles, you can click through an assortment of stories with options to swipe up and read more of the article. Interspersed into the content are ads, which makes Snapchat an effective way for media brands to reach consumers as well as sell ad space, like they once did once on paper.

Online Content Creators Promote Their Brands On Snapchat

Larger media companies that became big with the rise of the online-based content are expanding even further into the Snapchat realm. Buzzfeed has a big prescence, as does Mashable, Refinery 29 and Now This. 

With familiarly constructed titles desgined to pique your interest, these companies are doing what they do best and taking it to the next level with Snapchat. Often, they'll include celebrity gossip, odd tales from the internet, and other pop culture stories.

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Again, interspersed with ads, the brand is promoting their image as well as selling ad space to companies that know they'll get in front of hundreds of thousands of eyes. Another cool feature of the platform is the ability for users to send stories to their friends via Snapchat, spreading the content even further throughout the platform.

TV Networks Expand Into The Snapchat World

TV networks are taking advantage of the social media platform as well. From the music and celebrity network MTV to cult-channel Vice, as well as CNN and ESPN, a good bit of major networks have taken advantage of the "Discover" tab on Snapchat.

These networks use their stories on Snapchat to tease their content and programming, as well as maintain their brand image in relation to their topic. ESPN is synonymous with sports, CNN with news, Comedy Central with comedy.


While they can post short previews of content as well as recaps of big plays or big news, they also partner with brands to create interactive ad experiences. You may know this as Native Advertising.  Short-form Snapchat series are also a way networks and media companies are increasing their Snapchat footprint. Sofia Vergara starred in Vergaraland which featured six short episodes about her life from media agency Fusion.

It won't be long before short-form series will be a regular on Snapchat, and TV networks will be vying for your attention 10 seconds at a time on the Discover page - and branded content could be the future of marketing on Snapchat.

How Brands Use Ad Integration And Original Content On Snapchat

In Comedy Central's snapchat story, for example, you can see snippets of Key & Peele skits, and favorite moment from the Amy Schumer show. Mid-way through the story, we see an ad for Fiat, with drag queens and celebrities Alyssa Edwards and Ginger Minj offering to escort us through Aspen if we swipe up.


This integration of celebrities and brands works well in this content, with short ads and the choice to swipe up to watch more. Because the ads are constructed to fit seamlessly into the content (with the exception of the small "Ad" tag in the bottom right corner), they are organic and appealing.

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