How To Video #02: How To Book A Celebrity For A Party Without Spending Millions


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The Trick To Keeping Costs Affordable

Inviting celebrities to corporate events while managing to keep costs as low as possible and downlplay possible risk can be extremely challenging for brand managers.  Not only is the celebrity going to want a paycheck, their manager or talent agency is going to want their 10% cut as well.   Which makes that negotiation become very tricky business.

And then there is the whole 'risk' factor.  What if the celebrity you invite does some collossal "bad" thing right before your event.  Or what if they just break their ankle when getting into the car service on the way to your event (hey, it happened to us!)  Things happen, and you need to have a safety plan in place.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded's how to video shows brand managers how to book a celebrity for a party without breaking your bank - and a few safety tips along the way.   

What To Keep In Mind

Brand managers should ensure the following:

  • Be transparent with the event marketing materials - let the celebrity knows what your event is all about. And what your brand is all about too.  Give them a reason to attend to your event - and make it more than just about your brand new product.
  • You need to finalize what type of celebritiy is perfect for your event - figure out what your brand needs instead of inviting only management's personal celebrity favorites that they want to meet. No matter the answer, get the entire brand management team on board before outreach begins.
  • Stick to one agency to reach out to Talent - assigning more than one agency to reach out to the same celebrity isn't helpful.  Insteadprovide a reasonable time limit for them to work within, with a cancellation clause if no talent is secured by an early enough date to change direction.
  • Set The Fee - set standard rates for talent ranges to(try) to keep within.  And be reasonable.  Celebrities attend for money, not typically because they think it sounds cool and they have some extra time on their hands.
  • Set a deadline on the offer letter - let the celebrity know that if a response is not provided within a pre-set reasonable amount of time that the deal expires.

For more detailed in-depth information, check our How To #02: 8 Steps To Inviting A Celebrity To Your Event To Save Some Money

Remember: Celebrities are oftern photographed by paparazzi, leading to additional exposure with seeded product.  Even the step and repeat photos will get great pickup if seeded out.  That's why many brands used celebrities to help bring higher awareness to their events.

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Lower Your Risk

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