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Diversity in a Generation

Generation X, also known as the "Baby Bust" generation, were born between the years 1965 and 1979. This includes people who are now between 37 on the early end and 51 years old at the latter end in 2016.  This generation's target market is unique in a way that they are more ethnically diverse, and have a quest for justice more than the baby boomers, the generation previous to them.

Gen X are said (we aren't so sure) to be the first generation unwilling to become workaholics and sacrifice their family lives, ushering in work-life balance, authenticity, and self-sufficiency. Having grown up in the midst of social changes, they are comfortable embracing change, and eager to drive it as well. In this blog, Hollywood Branded takes a deeper look at how to market your brand to Generation X, what makes them tick, and the actors and musicians favored.

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Who IS The Generation-X Generation?

According to "Gen X is often characterized by high levels of skepticism, 'what’s in it for me' attitudes and a reputation for some of the worst music to ever gain popularity! Now, moving into adulthood, William Morrow (Generations) cited the childhood divorce of many Gen Xers as “one of the most decisive experiences influencing how Gen Xers will shape their own families”.

Gen-Xers are arguably the best educated generation with 29% obtaining a bachelor’s degree or higher. And, with that education and a growing maturity they are starting to form families with a higher level of caution and pragmatism than their parents demonstrated. Concerns run high over "avoiding broken homes, kids growing up without a parent around and financial planning." They don’t think they can rely on Social Security after retirement so they saved up for college, a house, a business, and retirement.

Email marketing is one of the ultimate ways to communicate with Generation X. This generation already uses Outlook constantly for work and updates and other email providers such as Hotmail and Gmail to stay in touch with family, it’s logical that they would react positively to mass marketing email strategy. Not to mention they are checking email constantly.  They are also use all technology platform to check their email including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. 

Generation X Facts - The First Generation To Use The Internet

Here are some great facts about Generation Xers by Dan Schawbel.

  • 82% are home owners and their homes have an average value of $238,000. [Met Life]
  • 74% use the Internet for banking, 72% use it to research products or companies, and 81% have made purchases online. [Forrester Research]
  • Items that they buy most online are books (38%), clothing and accessories (33%), event tickets (26%), and videos and DVDs (20%). [Forrester Research]
  • 62% read newspapers, 48% listen to radio and read magazines, and 45% regularly consume TV programming online. [Forrester Research]
  • 95% have a page on Facebook, 35% have LinkedIn profiles, and 25% regularly post to Twitter. [Forrester Research]
  • 70% of report that brand loyalty was the highest in Gen X consumers.

Actors Who Are Generation X

  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Leonardo DiCaprio

Musicans Who Are Generation X

  • Alanis Morrissette
  • Kurt Cobain
  • Kid Rock

So Want To Engage The Generation Xers Even More?

Read our blog 12 Examples Of How Brands Gain New Consumers From Cross-Genres Music Partnership for more information about the approach Generation X through music

If you use the right music to market to your specific consumer, you will naturally develop an automatic and powerful connection that goes back to their youth and memories of happiness.  Each generation has a different sound, a different beat that drives them still to this day, despite the years that might have passed.  Many of these artists may still be performing and available as marketing options beyond music licensing, including music video integration, celebrity appearances at events, tour sponsorship or lyric verbal mentions.  Watch our video to learn which music appeals to each generation!

The Music For Marketing Your Brand By Generation