How We Watch TV Is Changing - Tips For Brand Advertisers To Take Advantage


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So What Does That Mean For Brands Who Advertise?

Based on a new study, 73% of US consumers admit to binge-watching TV - an average of a whopping 6 episodes per session! This means more and more content than ever is reaching more viewers than ever - without commercials. Which makes it hard for brands to advertise. Or does it?

Because of the rise of binge-watching behavior, brand marketers should be ever on the lookout on how to improve their entertainment marketing strategy. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how we watch TV through binge-watching and shares tips for brand advertisers to take advantage of the way we consume media.

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The Study

The study, which was conducted by Deloitte, was part of their annual "Digital Democracy Survey" and revealed quite a bit about the watching habits of Americans.

Not surprisingly, young viewers engage in the binge-like TV watching behavior, with 90% of millennial and 87% of Gen Z viewers admitting to binge-watching video content.


The survey also acknowledged how social media has become mainstream media and how in the age of ad-blocking, social influence is far more important than the traditional ad.

This data supports the idea that branded content is far more effective nowadays than the traditional advertisement - as are product placement, brand integration and social influencers.

All this only goes to prove what we already know - the world of media is changing, and it's more effective than ever at selling products. 

Why This Is Good News For Brand Marketers

More content than ever is always good for brand marketers looking to improve their entertainment marketing strategy - more content means more viewers... which means more eyes on your product.


But with all this new content, it is imperative to be smart about your entertainment marketing strategy. Getting your brand into quality content ensures your brand the maximum impact. A good entertainment marketing strategy not only includes product placement and brand integration, but social media amplifiers, event activations and more.

The right strategy is a combination of marketing and access - access that we as Hollywood insiders have.  So how do you create an effective product placement strategy?  Read this blog to find out!

Want To Get Your Brand In More Content?

Before you spend another dollar on traditional advertising, consider the use of product placement/brand integration in your entertainment marketing strategy. Watch our video to learn techniques to conquer common advertising challenges!

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