Is MTV Back? Using MTV's Original Content To Market To Millennials


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Why You Should Be Paying Attention To The Shift In MTV's Programming

Long gone are the days when music videos were actually on MTV. However, the barrage of reality shows on the network that replaced them may be slowing down in favor of scripted original content.  This shift could be very important for brands looking to engage millennial viewers through product placement, especially as the shows are getting more and more attention as quality content.

And more viewership by Gen X, Y and Z.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at MTV's new and returning original content and the opportunities for product placement to target millennials that brands should pay attention to.

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MTV's Original Series

Despite what you may think, MTV isn't all reality television these days. Multiple Teen Choice Award and Saturn Award winner Teen Wolf, has experienced six successful seasons with an extensive and loyal fanbase.


MTV's original series Scream, based on the classic horror franchise, has been very well-received and in its two seasons has gathered a cult-following, leading the network to announce its renewal for a third season.

In January, MTV added another original show to their programming when they premiered the original fantasy series The Shannara Chronicles. Based on a young adult novel series of the same name, the show follows three young adults working to save their sacred land from demons. The series will go on to its second season next January.


MTV has also dipped their toes into the scripted comedy series recently, specifically with female leads, such as Snoop-Dogg produced stoner comedy Mary + Jane and Hollywood coming-of-age tale Loosely Exactly Nicole starring comedienne Nicole Byers.


What's Coming Next?

Big things are in the works for the ever-changing network.

Upcoming dramedy Sweet/Viscious is slated to premiere November 15 and will tackle the hard topic of abuse on college campuses. Two college students Jules and Ophelia take to the streets as wannabe vigilantes seeking justice for those who have been wronged on their campus.


Also in the works is an adaptation of the H. G. Wells classic War Of The Worlds. The creator and producer of Teen Wolf is set to produce the series along with Salem creators Josh Barry and Jeff Kwatinetz. 

Both of these series, along with their current original programming seem to indicate a shift in the network's focus, from shock-factor reality shows to more sophisticated, witty and worldly content. 

Oh Yeah - And There's Still Music Too! 

P.S. - Music on Music Television (aka MTV) is back! According to their website, "For the first time in more than 20 years MTV is presenting a weekly one hour LIVE music show that is anchored by three featured performances that will be diverse, unique and completely exclusive."

The series, titled Wonderland, premiered September 15 and has already featured performances from a diverse range of musicians - from Blink 182's Travis Barkeer to Joey Bada$$. This could become a great and unique opportunity for brands to sponsor performances and musicians on live TV again. 

Check it out:

What Does This Mean For Brand Marketers?

With more and more original scripted content coming to MTV, now is a great opportunity to get involved with product placement and brand integration. And with the shift in tone, brands have more control over the light their product is shown in as opposed to potentially loose-cannon reality TV. 

In fact, according to the experts, there is more scripted TV content being produced than ever before, across all networks! 

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