Is The Business Of Product Placement Best Kept A Secret, Or Not?


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Why Is There A Common Misconception About Information Sharing?

There is a commonly held belief that companies involved in the business of entertainment marketing, don't enjoy talking about the industry and sharing information. It's really no surprise, as a lot of media reports portray this impression. However, many are often stunned when said marketing agencies share such a wealth of information about the entertainment industry and the business of placement.  So why the common misconception that product placement is best kept a secret?

Why Product Placement Education Is Important

Hollywood Branded’s CEO, Stacy Jones, and others involved in the business of product placement speak about, and share a lot of information about the practice. Stacy Jones founded Hollywood Branded with a core belief that continued education is a must – not only for the Hollywood Branded team, but also that we need to provide education to enable those we work with to be at the top of their (entertainment) marketing game. Backed by our 20 years of experience, Hollywood Branded has written and posted over 150 blogs, infographics, survey data and more on our website to help people learn more. On a daily basis, our team experiences first-hand what placement in film and TV can do for brands, and how it moves mountains for very low dollar investments.  The catch is, you need to invest product versus just relying on a cash buy-in with Hollywood (of course, depending on the brand) to create a true grass roots program. 


A lot of consumers – and brand marketers - think everything is sold and paid for on screen.  But there is a natural reason for placement in film and TV, and that is a very practical one – it saves productions a lot of money, and allows them to produce better content when they have that cost savings, and can direct the money into the production.  Also, as a viewer, when you watch a show, and it has “beer” on the labels, it pulls you out of the reality.  That is not something the production wants either.  No one wants to have a brand ad shoved down their throat, but if done organically, the end result benefits the production, and it benefits the viewer.  Better content as dollars are redirected into the creation of the content versus paying for props, cars, wardrobe etc., and a sense of realism to the scene.

Check out, a site that gives viewers the opportunity to see hundreds of brands and their film appearances.  These brands, if you see them appear on the list more than a couple of times, are not by chance.  They have very active – or have had active – placement strategies in Hollywood.


Product Placement Agencies Cannot Force Placements


Hollywood Branded and other entertainment marketing agencies cannot force a production to choose to use the brand.  But we can make it easy for them to choose the brand over competitors, by being ready to meet their short timelines, having product on hand, and being friendly to work with.  Our team knows the processes, we don’t slow the production down, and we understand what paperwork needs to be signed without having our agency’s lawyers, the brand lawyers, the network lawyers, and the production lawyers all involved. Hollywood Branded can get product shipped from the client, or our warehouse, or often we hand deliver it for that personal touch – and to make sure it makes it in front of the camera. 


It Pays To Make It Simple

Hollywood Branded gets insider information about opportunities, easy access and ability to leverage the relationships we have established, and preferential treatment to our brand clients versus others.  Quite simply, we make it easy, and that is a big advantage and reason why brands work with placement and entertainment marketing agencies such as ours, that are well respected in the industry.

Before you spend another dollar on traditional advertising, consider the use of product placement/brand integration in your entertainment marketing strategy. Watch our video to learn techniques to conquer common advertising challenges! 

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