Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard: The Unexpected Power Couple of Celebrity Endorsements


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Okay, sure, when the phrase "power couple" comes to mind, we immediately think of Jay-Z and Beyonce or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But there’s something about down-to-earth duo Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard that just sets them apart from the typical Hollywood couple - and captivates consumers in an unexpected way. 

In this blog Hollywood Branded takes a look at what makes Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard the unusual - yet perfect - match for Samsung's series of celebrity endorsement ads featuring the couple.


They Might Not Be "Just Like Us"... But They Could Be

Something about the way Kristen and Dax decorate a Christmas tree, relax in their free time and banter back and forth has such a genuine air about it. And since Samsung's target demographic is so large and varied, an everyday couple (that isn't really so everyday) appeals to a large variety of consumers, the way Jennifer Aniston does with SmartWater and Aveeno.

Check out this new spot for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S that is both funny and heartwarming: 

What Makes Them Such A Great Duo:

  • Their quick wit and clever banter is easy to follow - and makes you smile.
  • They aren't controversial - you won't see them in the tabloids for dubious reasons.
  • They still appeal to older crowds - while the duo is pretty squeaky-clean reputation wise, they still are known for their hilarious and sometimes risque parts which make them appeal to a broad audience.
  • They are relatable - okay, we've mentioned this one but it's their best quality! And beyond that, they're in a relationship you feel is healthy and positive and - quite frankly - you want it for yourself in your own real life!  
And wait - they're using Samsung devices the whole time. So maybe you should too.


Baby Crisis Averted

In this spot featuring the Samsung Home Activewash, the couple have a serious emergency on their hands - their baby's favorite "Lamby" has a stain. And there is no backup. Thankfully, they have smart Samsung home appliances and are able to save the day. Crisis averted.



It's cute and funny and most parents know exactly the panic that happens when a favorite toy faces certain ruin.

Family Hub Fun

Quite frankly, we've never wanted a new refridgerator so badly.  Really. It's just that cool, and Dax and Kristen show it off to all it's best advantages in this spot of family birthday party fun.



Family Hub Fun - Turned ANIMATED

And then Samsung brought in the animation team....with an intro from Kristen and Dax.

Watch it here:



Holiday Decorating Fun

In this holiday advertisement from before the birth of their daughter, Dax runs around the house decorating for the season while communicating with the very pregnant Kristen the entire time.

Using Samsung devices, he is able to video chat with her from the attic, call her from the roof and use a tablet to create the perfect snow scene on their window. Check it out:



A Little Behind The Scenes Action

Hollywood couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard chat about their starring roles in Samsung's new Ad Campaign as well as their favorite things about their own house.



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