Kylie Skin Summer Trip: Obnoxious Waste Of Money Or Best Marketing Ploy Yet?


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Kylie's Dream Work Trip

This summer Kylie Jenner raised her BFF status to new heights when she took her closest friends on a luxurious trip to Turks and Caicos to celebrate the launch of her new line of Kylie Skin products. With its first release of products already sold out, Jenner is using this beach vaca to celebrate the announcement of the brand’s latest line of products, which makes sense as this launch officially introduces sunscreen to her growing line.

As we’ll get into later in the blog, from what we’re seeing on Instagram (#KylieSkinSummerTrip), this trip is sparing NO expense – from the branded private plane to the branded silk robes awaiting everyone’s rooms. In this blog, Hollywood Branded dives deeps into the Kylie Skin Summer Trip to determine if it’s an obnoxious waste of money or the best marketing ploy yet.

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What Is Kylie Skin?

With all the KarJenner’s introducing their own businesses seemingly on the daily, let’s just quickly catch up on what Kylie Skin is. After the billion-dollar success of Kylie Cosmetics, it was no surprise when the influencer announced the launch of Kylie Skin on May 22nd. While Kylie Cosmetics is makeup, Kylie Skin is Jenner’s line of skincare, currently comprised of face wash, face scrub, eye cream, etc. Oh, and also currently sold out…

Last week using her Instagram with over 140MM followers, the influencer announced a new line of products coming to Kylie Skin – a body lotion, body scrub, and a sunscreen oil. And where there’s sunscreen, there needs to be sun! So to celebrate this latest launch, Kylie took some of her closest friends, who are each influencers in their own right, on a very lavish trip to Turks and Caicos, where the ladies have been posting non-stop ever since.

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The trip began like most trips, at the airport. However, that’s pretty much where any similarities to my vacations stop. Greeted at a private airport, all the ladies (who on their own have a combined Instagram following of over 10MM) arrived decked in Kylie Skin branded sweatpants where they convened at a Kylie Skin branded private jet. After quick a photo shoot outside the jet, the ladies entered the plane where they were greeted with Kylie Skin branded silk pillows, eye masks, and blankets. All of which the girls added to their Instagram stories.

kylie skincare plane hollywood branded


silk pillow on plane kylie skin hollywood branded

Kylie Skin making sure everyone is comfortable on the plane. 

Upon arrival to the very Instagram-friendly mansion, the group was welcomed with coconut drinks, of course with the Kylie Skin logo carved in them, delivered by staff wearing pink Kylie Skin aprons. Every entrance to the house is met with a Kylie Skin floor mat. In each of their bedrooms, they had more Kylie Skin branded silk pillows, eye masks, and now robes, slippers, and of course as assortment of product.  

coconuts with branded apron kylie skin hollywood branded

Fellow influencer, Sofia Richie, adding their warm welcome to her Instagram story. 

silk pillows arrival kylie skin hollywood branded

Kylie's assistant, who, with over 630k followers has become an influencer in her own right, posting a nice shot of their bedrooms decked out in Kylie Skin merch. 

kylie products for guests

Saying it was all in the details is putting it mildly. Every aspect of this trip is customized to Kylie Skin, and similar to what we all do on vacation, these women are documenting the entire thing. Every Kylie Skin moment has gotten the attention of not just Kylie’s followers, but all of the other women’s followers as well.

Kylie drink

Other Brands Enjoying The Fun

But Kylie Skin wasn’t hoarding all the exposure. Those Kylie Skin sweatpants? Well, they just so happened to be created by brother-in-law-ish, Scott Disick’s new sweatpants brand, Talentless, and Kylie made sure to shout that out on her Instagram story.

talentless 1 1

Continuing with the selflessness, Kylie also threw longtime friend Sofia Richie a branding bone. Richie is currently promoting an exclusive bathing suit like with Frankies Bikinis. Complimenting this trip perfectly, in addition to the Kylie Skin luxuries, all the ladies found #SofiaXFrankies bikinis waiting for them in their rooms.

frankies bikinis


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Obnoxious Waste Of Money Or Best Marketing Ploy Yet?

A private plane, branding said private plane, custom clothing, mega mansion – you can see the dollars adding up pretty fast here. So, we’re back to our initial question… Is this trip an obnoxious waste of money or is it Kylie’s best marketing ploy yet? Even within our office, this trip has mixed reviews. Some are saying it’s just all too much. However, others, like myself, think it’s genius. Kylie has turned a marketing campaign into a dream vacation with her friends.

Online retailer, Revolve, has been doing similar trips for years where they invite (and pay) influencers of all sizes to convene at a beautiful location, wear only Revolve apparel, and of course Instagram your whole trip. These trips are incredibly successful for the brand because you’re often times seeing not just one, but multiple of your favorite influencers on the same trip, promoting clothing you can only shop at Revolve. In doing this, both Revolve and Kylie Skin aren’t just selling a product, they’re selling a lifestyle. You want to live like this, this is how you dress, these are the products you should use.  

I found myself bombarded with #KylieSkinSummerTrip posts all weekend when they were on this trip. Will I buy Kylie’s sunscreen? The jury’s still out about that one, but I’m definitely very, very aware that the billionaire has a new sunscreen coming out. Let’s just hope for the product’s sake that no one gets sunburned on this trip!

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