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In an age where Disney and Universal dominate the theme park industry, it is no surprise that other movie studios may want to get in on the action. Although other studios have had failed attempts at trying to gain a presence in the market... another studio is making waves to try to earn some of that massive theme park following.

Lionsgate is the latest studio to dab its hand into the world of theme parks, having just announced the construction of a brand new theme park in South Korea. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses the plans for Lionsgate theme park and how the amusement attraction will make for a perfect branding tool in film franchise synergy.

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When Studio Theme Parks Don't Work

Some people may feel that there are enough theme parks in the world, what with the heavy impact made by The Walt Disney Company and Universal Studios. However, this has not meant that other studios have not tried. In fact many studios have attempted to replicate their success - but it has not been an easy task. A recent example is Paramount's withdrawal from the proposed Paramount London which was planned to be completed by 2022, and also had backing from BBC Worldwide. The project is set to continue without Paramount who departed the project after planning difficulties.

Lionsgate itself has also had previous difficulties with theme park development in the past. There had been plans to build a theme park in Georgia with The Hunger Games having a major presence alongside other Lionsgate properties Step Up and Now You See Me. The plans for the park which was to be titled Avatron Park were put on hold after just two years of planning in 2016.  Almost a year later construction still has not resumed, with the likelihood being that the project will be scrapped.

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Lionsgate and Theme Parks

Lionsgate first announced that it had plans to explore theme parks in 2013.  The studio's move to the theme park world is a giant leap for the company and could work favorably if the power of their movies are strong enough to entice visitors. After all - that's what will will make magic happen - fans who crowd the park for the chance to emerge themselves into a fantasy world of their favorite content.  The new park, Lionsgate Movie World is set to be built in South Korea in partnership with Jeju Development Co. and will be part of a new resort area to be known as Jeju Shinhwa World. Construction is due to begin in 2018 with completion expected the following year. The proposed site for the theme park is 1.3 million square feet.

This is not, however, Lionsgate's first foray into theme park attractions overseas as they also announced  in 2015 that they would be involved with Motiongate Dubai. The Lionsgate zone will be added to the already opened park in the near future and will include an attraction based on The Hunger Games franchise and a show based upon the Step Up franchise.

South Korea's Lionsgate Movie World is also expected to feature attractions based on The Hunger Games as well as Lionsgate's other properties: The Twilight Saga, Now You See Me (a MASSIVELY popular series throughout Asia) and next year's Robin Hood which is set to feature Jamie Foxx, Taron Eggerton and Jamie Dornan. The park is expected to feature rides, restaurants, shops, cafes, entertainment shows and performances. This will be the centerpiece of Jeju Shinhwa World which will also feature hotels, other theme parks, a water park and retail opportunities for brands.

What Will This Mean For Lionsgate

The two experiences in  Dubai and Korea could be just the first step for Lionsgate in creating a theme park footprint as long as the projects actually move forward.  It may also signal the future possibilities for a US-based Lionsgate theme park if the worldwide stage proves to be popular - and it may offer  the perfect competition for both Universal and Disney owned parks.

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How To Get Your Brand On The Big Screen

One thing that the impending popularity of movie-themed theme parks signals is the popularity of the film franchise themselves and how they can be expanded to create further immersive experiences for consumers.

Film franchises are now more popular than ever and placement can provide brands with the perfect way to connect with engaged audiences.  Read more about why cinematic storylines are increasingly popular for studios and brandshow film franchises can be effectively used for product placement and partnerships, or our previous blog,  A Glimpse Into Franchise Power Of the Planet Of The Apes.  

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