What Makes a Good Celebrity Endorsement – For a Beauty Brand


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The Beauty Brand And The Celebrity

Beauty brands are no stranger to using celebrity endorsements as an entertainment marketing strategy to promote their brands. Walk into any drugstore’s cosmetic aisle and you will be greeted by a series of familiar and beautiful faces belonging to A-list celebrities from all over the globe. Creating brand and product awareness through the use of a celebrity revitalizes the brand, creates leverage for exposure and promotes the product’s appeal.


Jennifer Aniston And Aveeno

Jennifer Aniston has been the face of the beauty brand Aveeno since January 2013, replacing the brand’s previous spokeswoman, Daniella Van Grass. Aniston has been partnered with Aveeno for almost two years and at present shows no sign of stopping her run. No stranger to brand endorsements, Aniston has previously endorsed Smart Water, L’Oreal, Living Proof Haircare (she is a co-owner of the brand), and is the face of her own perfume product.


 jennifer aniston celebrity endorsement with aveeno

Why Jennifer Aniston Is A Good Choice:

  • Aniston’s face is famous around the globe – providing partners with true international reach.
  • She has maintained a long running career without being overly-exposed.
  • Exuding a natural beauty, Aniston complements the Aveeno brand image.
  • The characters Aniston has previously played in television and film don’t negatively effect Aveeno’s brand image.
  • Aniston is relatable and comes across as a genuine personality in the commercials.


What Makes Aniston A Poor Choice?

  • Aniston’s love life frequently positions her in the press in the heart of a controversial story.
  • Aniston is rumored to have undergone facial cosmetic procedures – which goes against Aveeno’s natural beauty image.
  • Aniston has endorsed several beauty brands in the past, as well as Living Proof Haircare presently. She could be running the risk of over saturating herself as a beauty brand spokesperson.


Who Might Be A Better Choice?

  • Christina Applegate – Similar to Aniston, Applegate is relatable and globally recognized. Applegate does not currently endorse any products, so she is not as exposed.
  • Kate Upton – Upton is a desirable celebrity as she is very outspoken about her natural beauty image. She would fit perfectly with the Aveeno image – and could appeal to a younger demographic.
  • Jessica Alba – Alba is a mother, and a natural beauty. Globally successful, she promotes herself as being holistic and organic, and fits the Aveeno image well.


Who Would Not Be A Good Choice?

  • Kendall Jenner – Though the model will appeal to a younger demographic, she is not an organic fit for the Aveeno brand image - Jenner's ‘gothic’ style is not relatable for the Aveeno target demographic. Jenner is also closely connected with the Kardashian brand and their line of cosmetics.
  • Katy Perry – Currently the spokesperson for Cover Girl Cosmetics, Perry’s overall image does not align with the Aveeno brand image.
  • Kristen Stewart – With the come-hither-yet-wholesome looks established originally in the Twilight series, Stewart is a bit too ‘grungy-chick’ and surrounded by controversy due to her infidelity allegations.
  • Shailene Woodley – Though Woodley fits the image of Aveeno, she poses an unknown factor as she is very young in her career. The public haven’t had enough of a chance to get to know her, but she may become a much-sought-after face in the near future.


Want To Learn More About Celebrity Endorsements? 

We think that Aniston is overall a good fit for the Aveeno brand, and look forward to seeing how this partnership is grown. What do you think? 

Remember, celebrity endorsements aren't foolproof! Read more about creating a safety net when investing in a celebrity endorser.

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