Marketing Trends You Should Know For 2021


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Don't Fall Behind!

Marketing is always evolving, so it's important that you stay informed. You should know about the current trends and how you can leverage them for your business.

Luckily, our knowledge is always up-to-date on all things marketing!  In this blog, Hollywood Branded shares a few marketing trends that you should know for 2021. 

Marketing Trends That You Should Know For 2021

Keeping Up With The Trends

2020 was an unprecedented year for businesses everywhere as there was the move online for many different stores, while others had to amend the way they did business in order to keep afloat during the pandemic. As such, digital marketing evolved and continues to do so, which means it is important for businesses to keep their eye out and adjust as appropriate.  

The below list has been compiled to discuss new factors that are currently affecting digital marketing and that you should consider in 2021. Keep reading if you want to gain more knowledge on exactly how you and your business can keep up to date.

Content Marketing

This is a classic marketing technique which is very effective, hence why it continues to be used today. Content marketing is when organisations use blog posts in order to generate traffic to their website, promote products and answer any questions that clients may have. This can be an incredibly good marketing practice for businesses as it provides users with what they truly want, which is an informed response to whatever their query was.  


The trick to getting it right is that the content being promoted is unique, engaging and valuable. The content needs to be related to your business but must also actually answer the question that the consumer is searching for, as opposed to simply promoting your products in lieu of any genuine information.

Semantic Keyword Search

Similarly to content marketing, the utilisation of keywords to ensure that your business ranks higher on Google is nothing new, but it is incredibly effective and hence will continue to be used throughout 2021. There has to be a balance struck when it comes to utilising this kind of marketing. Say you sold lawnmowers and somebody looks up “how to repair a lawnmower?”, you can’t just insert that line into the description of every one of your products, your website would likely be marked by Google as spam. Your page would need to promote relevant information regarding lawnmower repair and then within that you can advertise your products.

It would be a good exercise when you want to rank for a keyword to Google that keyword and see what kind of content is coming up for it. Once you have an understanding of that, you will know better what you should be posting on your page.

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Interactive Content

More and more businesses are beginning to interact further with their customers. This is a great way to promote products, but in a way that is not in the consumers face. Take Waitrose's website for example, they have a blog where users can post what they have cooked or baked. This has resulted in their own little community, which people can use to get recipes but that Waitrose can utilise to promote the products for those recipes in the process.

Not only that but the way that products are presented is much more interactive now. Consumers use graphics that they can click on and move so that they have a better idea as to what they’re buying.

Social Media Marketing 

Another great way to have interactive marketing is by building a following on social media. Here you will be able to share blog posts, answer customer questions and just generally engage more with the people using your services.

Social Media Marketing

Take for example the way that some popular online casino apps market themselves. By using social media as a way that players can post scores and results, not only do they create a community among their users but they are also increasing the reach that their site has, due to the fact it is constantly being shared.

There are also lots of different ways to market on social media, such as by using stories, regular posts or direct messages. Each of these its own advantages and disadvantages and it is merely a case of working out which one is the most effective for your business.

Shoppable Posts

This also takes place on social media, particularly sites such as Instagram and Facebook which use different shopping and marketplace sections for users. This is where you will post something with a direct link to your product. It is very much no holds barred advertising, but is incredibly efficient, especially given that by using paid ad features on social media, you can control exactly who sees it, so they will likely already have an interest in the product you are trying to sell.

To properly use these features you will need to create a business account on whichever platforms you are hoping to use, after which, you can set up shoppable posts from your account and start uploading and promoting them.

Voice Search Optimisation

The way that technology has evolved over the past decade truly is astronomical, even in simple matters such as how we search for things. In 2010, whenever we wanted to Google something, we would simply head over to the nearest computer and search for it. Five years later, the same thing was happening except people were using their phone instead. Now, we don’t even have to type anything in and instead just search for something using our voice.

Amazon Echo Voice Search Optimisation

This has led to the development of multiple different devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, which means that by speaking about a topic out loud, more people can have products promoted to them depending on what has been said. This is incredibly helpful as studies suggest that more than 55% of users use voice search now whenever they are looking for a new business or product. 

Let's Start Getting To Work!

Overall, a lot of the digital marketing trends that we can expect to see in the next year are ones that are already incredibly popular and that will become more utilised due to their effectiveness. That being said, thanks to developments in technology and the constant evolution of how much of a role social media plays in the lives of consumers, we can expect to see more marketing trends that rely on the interactive nature of social media and voice recognition.

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