Digital Marketing Tactics That Strengthen Your Brand In 2021


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Doing Digital Marketing Right

Everyone is trying to utilize digital marketing, as it's a great way to help grow your brand. However, in the past few years, this practice has evolved, and in order to master it, it's important that your strategy and knowledge is up-to-date. 

Lucky for you, the HB team is here to help! We shared a few timely tips that you should adopt to amp up your strategy. In this blog, Hollywood Branded shared some digital marketing tactics that will help strengthen your brand in 2021.

Digital Marketing Tactics That Strengthen Your Brand In 2021

Keeping Up With The Changes 

Marketing is changing. More businesses are investing in digital marketing and building a strong brand presence online. Social media profiles turn into channels that allow brands to engage their customers directly. Blogs – combined with SEO and SEM – are now attracting more traffic than ever. Reaching millions of viewers is certainly a lot easier, but it’s also a lot more difficult now that the market is pretty saturated.

It is also clear that transactional marketing is no longer the best strategy to utilize. As customers become more sensitive to disruptions in their user journey and experience, brands need to work twice as hard in creating that pleasant journey and keeping customers engaged. At the same time, customers are more sensitive to values of brands and will engage more if you have strong brand values. What are the best tactics to achieve this with your digital marketing campaign?

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Personalized Content

Personalization becomes one of the most powerful instruments to use in today’s digital marketing landscape. What’s great about doing digital marketing is that you also have a lot of data to turn to, including data about viewers’ touchpoints across their journey.

This allows for better, more personalized content and content distribution. Rather than showing the same content to every person visiting your website, for instance, you can tailor the homepage to certain audience segments. This targeting of personalized content can be based on interest, past visits, engagement with your brand or your competitors’ brands, and even how far along they are in the sales funnel. Through personalized content, you can also put more emphasis on delivering value to the customers.

Snippets And Summaries

Another thing that is apparent in today’s digital marketing landscape is the need to grab an audience’s attention quickly. The marketing materials that they consume first need to be incredibly engaging. This means the first paragraph of your article or even the title needs to be very attractive.

However, you can also make your content easier to consume, and one of the best ways to do that is by adding a summary to the top of the content. This is a tactic that many marketers now use to retain their audience.

Viewers will certainly appreciate it. They can immediately decide whether the content is valuable enough for them, and then make the decision to read the longer form or the full article. Snippets are also good for SEO, since they attract more search engine traffic.

Experience First

As mentioned earlier in this article, experience becomes the centre of a user’s journey. Now that we know how much users value positive experience, we can use experience itself as a way to establish a stronger brand presence.

This is something that online casino websites are doing. Top names such as Spin Casino are making it easy for their users to sample games like pokies. Free spins, deposit-match bonuses, and other special offers are designed to get users to the games of their choice quickly and without risk.

Sampling the actual brand experience helps users become customers faster. If your experience is that good, you will have no trouble attracting traffic and converting them. Marketing elements act more as a way to elevate the experience and maintain a smooth user journey.

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Invest In More Touchpoints

We engage our users on different channels; digital marketing actually makes reaching the audience on their favourite websites very easy. However, relying on the channels that you are using right now isn’t a sustainable strategy. Looking for new touchpoints is a must.

Clubhouse is a good example of a new channel with its ups and downs. Clubhouse leverages audio content, something that brands are not fully utilizing at the moment. A lot of brands and influencers have tried the new platform, but only a handful have actually found ways to engage the audience in a meaningful way.

New touchpoints are easy to find. As long as you can have that meaningful engagement, nothing should stop you from using new methods and digital marketing instruments. In fact, we are already seeing instruments like Twitter’s new Spaces being used for branding purposes.

Clubhouse App Digital Marketing Tactics

Loud And Proud

To add to your digital marketing strategy, make sure you have a clear mission and a brand cause. This can be being a sustainable business, supporting the communities around you, or something as simple as using environmentally-friendly packaging.

Don’t stop at marketing jargon and empty words either. Having a brand cause is a fantastic way to make your brand relatable. Those who support similar causes are more likely to associate themselves with your brand.

Plus, you get the benefit of people promoting your cause. As more users talk about your brand cause and take part in the different digital marketing activities that you do, you will be able to reach new audience segments (and, of course, new people) and increase your impact.

Don't Forget The Basics

While creating an impact and engaging the audience are both important, digital marketing is first and foremost a business tool. It is a way to attract new customers and boost the bottom line. To some degree, the use of conventional digital marketing tactics is still needed.

That said, digital marketing is a lot more flexible these days. With ads, for example, you can integrate automation and a capable CRM platform, and then automate how you display ads. Running A/B testing and using multiple content for a similar audience segments is also very effective.

Another thing you should also remember is the importance of data. There are multiple ways to understand your audience better, but analytics data is always the best starting point. By recognizing patterns in user interactions, you’ll be amazed by how much you can decipher about your viewers.

One More Thing...

Collaborate! Digital marketing today is all about collaboration. Collaborating with complementary brands, influencers, and communities isn’t just something you do to expand your reach; it is something you do to align your brand with those who share the same values.

So, that’s how you establish a really strong brand presence. In fact, it’s how you use digital marketing to establish a stronger brand in the highly saturated market of today.

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