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Hollywood Branded Announces Inaugural Virtual Content Marketing Summit

I'm proud to share that we have launched a new division at Hollywood Branded, the Marketer's Content Playbook, centered on expanding our footprint in educational growth for entrepreneurs, brands and agency marketers. We've designed the conference  to provide brand marketers and agencies with the tools to create more effective and impactful marketing content. We've even made admission free to attend. This virtual event will take place from Tuesday, August 4th through Thursday August 6th, 2020 and there will be an option to access each speaker's presentation along with transcripts and DIY content playbook guides after the event through our agency's class and certification website:

This online summit offers presentations centered around the topic of How To Do Content Marketing – Better. The 3-day event lineup includes over 100 thought leaders from the world of brands, agencies, media, influencers and Hollywood who will provide insights to recharge brand marketers and help them better address today’s difficult marketing climate during this global pandemic as well as how to participate in conversations during this powerful time of social reform.  Attendees will be able to build their own Content Marketing Playbook by choosing from over 50 hours of presentations, case study discussions, panels and workshops on how to create better content, generate effective advertising, and leverage pop culture partnerships. In this blog, learn more from Hollywood Branded about why you as an entrepreneur, agency and brand marketer, or marketing student need to attend this massive yearly virtual event!

Marketers Content Playbook Virtual SummitBy Hollywood Branded

Why A Summit On Content Marketing

This virtual summit grew into reality over the last three years from my interviewing hundreds of business and marketing thought leaders on our agency’s podcast, Marketing Mistakes (+ How To Avoid Them).  The event was built around the idea of providing marketing solutions driven by entrepreneurs and business professionals who are asking the same questions: Will my business still be here in a year? How do I safeguard my job, show I make a difference and really demonstrate my value? We’ve built a giant platform to bring together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, brand marketers and even college students.

The goals for all summit participants is to allow each to be able to leverage this moment of time, where life is still not back to normal, to stretch themselves, to gain more knowledge, to see what updated marketing practices others are doing, and better understand the tactics that are driving sales and making other companies millions. Most importantly, we wanted to provide this event for free, so that thousands of people can benefit – to help others stay in business or keep their jobs. We also wanted to give brand marketers the tools to recover faster from the hits and help students fill in the gaps left by their current limited resources to internships. (yes a personal quote from me).


Speakers At The Event

Speakers include some of the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals in the field of content marketing, who will be providing detailed insight filled with actionable how-to’s and case studies.

Highlighted Brand and Media Outlet Speakers Include:

  • Adobe executive creative director Adam Moore will discuss the myths of content creation and how to build content with real value.
  • Critical Mention vice president of marketing Eric Lebowitz, and vice president sales & account management Zack Jenkins, will discuss how to measure the impact of content creation to better drive your strategy.
  • Dell Technologies global product placement and brand integration Gary Moore is going to share how he has made the tech company the #1 PC seen in entertainment across film, TV and streaming.
  • The Drum media outlet’s the promotion fix columnist Samuel Scott will discuss how to share your brand’s purpose, and truly help the world – and not undermining it by internal company practices.
  • FLIR director of content marketing Vatche Arabian will share how the thermal camera company’s product placement program works, why it is so incredibly successful for the brand, and how their team leverages influencers to become part of their stories to drive brand messaging for both B2B and B2C markets.
  • Louis Vuitton digital marketing & communication director, Stephane Duret will share what is required to position and build your story using the same systems as he used for the last decade.
  • San Francisco Golden State Warrior senior manager of social media Karen Ramming dives into the strategy used for this massive basketball franchise team.  

Highlighted Agency Speakers Include:

  • Bixa ceo and best-selling author Sarah Weise will teach you the marketing strategies and new rules to best engage and connect with Gen Z consumers.
  • Concave Brand Tracking founder Dominic Artzrouni will be discussing how to measure and determine the valuation of your on-screen product placement.
  • Cornett director of digital strategy Jason Falls will be discussing how brands should be reframing influencer marketing.
  • Find The Red Thread founder Tamsen Webster, and a former Tedx producer, provides insight on how to build messages people will say yes to.      
  • Frame of Mind Coaching president & founder Kim Ades will explain how frame of mind impacts marketing results and will share the thinking techniques of exceptional marketers.
  • Harmon Brothers creative director and owner James Dayton dives into what brand marketers need to know about A/B testing to ensure content performs well and yields results.
  • Humor That Works founder Andrew Tarvin provides insights on how to use humor to achieve better business results.
  • JudeCharles and Company founder Jude Charles will teach how to turn prospects into clients by using video to show behind the scenes of your business to demonstrate who you really are.
  • Business of Story founder Park Howell founder of will share how to develop your brand’s story to convert customers, recruit top talent and create irresistible presentations and sales pitches.
  • WOC Podcasters founder Danielle Desir will explain how to leverage other people’s podcasts to build your own brand.
  • Vengreso co-founder Viveka von Rosen will share her knowledge about how to strengthen your brand and your message using LinkedIn.
  • Verve Search design team lead Jazmin Batisti will share how every brand can use games to grab more attention.

More About The Event

There is no fee to attend the Marketer’s Content Playbook virtual summit. Attendees will leave the 3-day summit armed with the tools needed to make content marketing efforts even more successful, for companies and brands of all sizes. Every presentation from the Marketer’s Content Playbook Virtual Summit will be available after the event with the purchase of the All Access Pass to provide continued learning opportunities. The pass provides full access to the live event conference, all of the recordings, plus blueprint “how-to” guides and transcripts of every session and workshop.

Things You May Not Have Even Known We Do

A Little More About Hollywood Branded...

Help For Brands + Agencies

As Los Angeles’ largest independent entertainment and influencer marketing agency, Hollywood Branded helps bring the power of pop culture content and the influencers who drive it to brands around the world by making the brand become part of the story. Since 2007, the agency has secured and built partnerships with celebrities, social influencers and the TV, streaming, film, podcast, event + music content that drive pop culture – and brand sales. Over ten thousand brand partnerships have been brought to life on screen for brands like BlackBerry, Bumble, FLIR, Lacoste, Pilot Pen and Ralph Lauren.HB-1

Help For Thought Leaders

Experts Branded is our agency’s newest division, and offers expertise and guidance to help position thought leaders into becoming stars and powerhouse voices of their own industry, by leveraging the agency’s same tools, experience and unparalleled knowledge of the best practices to build brands from Hollywood, the world of PR and beyond.


Help For Production Companies

The agency division Productions Branded works directly with producers who hire our firm help to reduce and offset the cost of creating and marketing TV and streaming shows, feature films, video games, podcasts, digital series, music videos and events. Our agency creates below the line cost savings via product placement, fee driven brand integration, promotional alliance partnerships and licensing extensions.

Productions Branded

Help For Students Of Life

The agency educational division Learn.HollywoodBranded includes the agency blog, podcast and online certification courses. The business blog provides insights into pop culture partnerships, brand campaigns, interviews with other marketers and case studies. The daily blog is read by over 30 thousand entrepreneurs, brands and agency marketers on a monthly basis.


Additional online classes, surveys and certification courses are offered through Hollywood Branded’s Influencer & Branded Content Marketing School for brand owners, marketers and their agencies (and student future employees) as well as content producers. All content is geared to teach and provide DIY insider tricks and tips to making influencer and content marketing work even better – and to help marketers avoid those marketing mistakes that will waste time, money and yield poor partnership results.


Marketing Mistakes (+ How To Avoid Them) is a weekly business podcast hosted by Hollywood Branded’s founder and CEO, Stacy Jones. The podcast has been followed by brand marketers, agencies and entrepreneurs since 2017.  Each week brings insights from Stacy along with interviews with top industry experts who share their knowledge on marketing advice, sales strategy, employee motivation, pop culture partnerships, entrepreneurship, and other topics that drive business success.



The newest addition, Marketer's Content Playbook offers a yearly virtual summit and ongoing classes with over 100 expert thought leaders providing detailed "How To Do It" step by step guidance across content development, advertising and partnerships. Speakers are some of the top thought leaders from the world of brands, agencies, media, influencers and Hollywood, who provide education to the summit's attendee audience of entrepreneurs, brand and agency marketers, recent graduates and students. 



Content Marketing Works For Us - And It Can Work For Your Brand Too


Content marketing works. And at Hollywood Branded, we have experienced the power of what content marketing has done for our own growth, driven from our blogs, podcast, online classes, and workshops.  Content marketing is directly responsible for bringing in MILLIONS of dollars to our agency.  It has allowed us to establish an expertise at a level so high, that clients come to us already familiar with our agency, and ready to buy.  It has changed the sales game. Daily, our sales team gets inbound new business calls set up not from pounding the pavement and dialing for dollars – but from having generated thought leadership and expertise all powered through the content we create and share. 


Content marketing is what has made our agency's ceo & founder, Stacy Jones, a go-to source for major media outlets like Forbes, The New York Times, Bloomberg, WWW, Financial Times, Instyle and other familiar names all over the world, where she is interviewed on topics ranging across product placement integration, influencer marketing, celebrity endorsements and branding.   


Content marketing is the reason why our agency went viral last summer when Stacy spoke with first one, then dozens more of media outlets about that coffee cup in Game of Thrones.  In fact, thanks to those interviews, Hollywood Branded's name was featured by over 1,000 media outlets and received over 4 BILLION impressions – a value in the PR world of over $68 million dollars.  And yes, it immediately drove sales and opened new doors for our agency.  

To learn more about how to do pop culture partnership marketing better, visit any of these listed resources! And if you need some help... reach out and let's chat about how we can help you accomplish your marketing goals.

Just give us a shout at info @ 

If you are a company with a service or tool that is incredibly awesome at helping marketers do their jobs even better, please reach out! We'd love to know about you, and see if there are fits across our vast media platform for you to become a driving force behind solutions and tools that make marketing better - and easier.

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