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Trend Alert: Mobile Game Apps Coming To An Influencer Near You

Regular YouTube viewers often see sponsored videos from clothing, makeup, and even food companies. Recently, a new industry has been dominating the YouTube Space.  The mobile game app.

These are typically free to play apps, which make money from enhanced game levels or in-game purchases.  But before they can start raking in the dollars, they want to to be loaded onto every phone in town.  And they can help do that through influencers.   In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks how one brand category has leveraged social influencers to major sales success and how they’re changing the influencer marketing game.


Best Fiends Has Got You Covered

BEST FIENDS is a free puzzler that takes the mobile game experience to the next level. Discover the world of Minutia and its population of cute, courageous and fiendish inhabitants. Collect them all and level them up to discover their special powers!


If you watch YouTubers regularly at all you’ll have noticed this game mentioned in a huge amount of YouTuber’s hauls and videos. According to TubeFilter, that's because they spend 90% of their marketing budget on influencer marketing. In 2016 alone, they have sponsored over 700 YouTube videos and with that have gained over 150,000,000 views. Best fiends has over 40,000,000 downloads. They have sponsored videos from fashion, to gaming, to even nail polish accounts!

This is a game company that is serious about influencers!

Check out this video created by CutePolish on YouTube.


Another One, And Another One.

We have noticed another Mobile App on the horizon that is taking a smart approach to leveraging influencer marketing.

LINE PLAY is free communication app that allows you to decorate your own room and use an avatar as your alter ego, you can also share with friends, use a diary avatar, or to chat.


Line Play recently sponsored a Niki And Gabi Video. Niki And Gabi are twin YouTubers with over 4.4 Million followers. In the video they talk about their life on tour and how they love playing the game. This sponsorship was a bit different. The sisters offered the first 50 viewers that commented on the video with their avatar name, to receive 10,000 free gems on the app. The video has over 1.5 Million views, 6,000 comments - with many of those comments being people sharing their avatar code! This is a different approach to the typical influencer push codes that offer a percentage off of something. 


Two Takeaways We Can Learn From These Game Apps

Learn To Make The Content Seem Organic

Many of the videos mentioning Best Fiends were in “Favorites” videos. So it seemed organic to a consumer. The influencer is kind of telling us to download it, but not really forcing the issue, and more so making you feel like you are missing out if you don't. It keeps the consumers engaged!

Be Creative With The Push Code/ Offers, And Content

Like in the Nikki and Gabi Video, the first 50 people to comment with their avatar received 10,000 gems. This makes the consumer believe that the girls are going to interact with those first 50 followers, as well as gaining points for the game.

Being creative with the content is fun! Best Fiends not only has their app being talked about with gamers, but appearing in favorites video. They hit the beauty scene as well with their nail polish video. If that's not a creative approach...we don't know what is!

Happy Socialing!

Going all in with your marketing budget for Social Media Marketing can be scary. But if it is done correctly it can be highly beneficial!

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