Millennials Are Multi-tasking And Constantly Consuming Media


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The Defining Statistic

According to a new study conducted by Statista, the Millennial generation is consuming media at a rate of as many as 18 hours a day.  The majority of that time is comprised of browsing the Internet, with Social Networking at a close second.

Multiple Modes Of Content

It should be noted that we live in an age in which these time categories intermingle: While watching the season finale of 'True Detective' as an example, the millennial is also tweeting about it on mobile, their laptop is open with tabs open to Facebook, Pandora, and a Google Search window for classwork research.


What does this mean for marketers? Millennials are engaged in content that is viewed as entertainment, and they are doing so simultaneously across multiple screens. Rather than trying to create a new piece of that pie when the Millennial’s daily routines and interests aren’t likely to sway from the current trend of immersion, a marketer's best bet is to reach them through an existing piece – such as integration into TV, film or video content.


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