Mobile Activity Is Integral To The Movie-Going Experience


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The Movie-Going Experience

The movie theater necessities: Popcorn, a large soda, Red Vines, maybe some nachos if you’re really hungry… and apparently, your smartphone.

The Purpose Of Mobile Activity At The Movies


It’s no secret that mobile activity is seriously on the rise – it is on pace to surpass TV as the predominant screen of use. But according to research findings of Interactive Advertising Bureau and InMobi, mobile is an integral part specifically of the movie theater experience.

Think about all the actions that occur leading up to, and even after you go to see a movie. From researching movies to watch, to getting directions to the theater, to engaging in conversation about the film afterwards, most of the routines associated with the movie-going experience involve the use of an app on smartphones. In fact, the study found that two out of three moviegoers do so.

In terms of researching entertainment, the study found that a staggering 56% of moviegoers use mobile activity for entertainment research, a very close second to TV at 57%. After seeing ads for movies on other channels, 87% of moviegoers turn to mobile.

The coexistence is major for marketers not just in the movie business, but also for brands wanting to tap into the major engagement potential this avenue of entertainment can offer.

Brands placed in film can amplify their on-screen presence by taking it off the big screen and into the hands of smartphone users, with an integrated campaign that aligns with the movie going experience. Then beyond that, by divvying up ad spend between both digital and TV, brands can increase awareness and engagement with consumers by being present in each screen the consumer turns to, before and after the in-theater experience.


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