No Shame In The Game For Kevin Hart In His Celebrity Endorsement Ad


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How The Comedian Is Wooing Audiences In Tommy John Underwear

Often celebrity endorsements are subtle, practiced or passing. And while celebrity endorsement ads are proven to be extremely effective at engaging consumers - or at least getting some extra love and attention by them, it is particularly eye-catching when a celebrity goes all out for a particular brand.

Kevin Hart is famously funny and over-the-top, which makes him the perfect celebrity face for Canadian underwear company Tommy John. In this blog, Hollywood Branded examines Kevin Hart's new celebrity endorsement ad and partnership with Tommy John underwear.

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The Ads - And How They're Just The Beginning

What makes this ad so perfect is that it is short, sweet... and very outrageous. It begins with Kevin Hart looking at those energy-transferring ball-sets that sit on people's desks.

He explains to the audience that the contraption is actually officially called the "Newton's Cradle" but to Hart, it simply looks like "a bunch of balls flying around banging into each other," making a tongue-in-cheek reference to the discomfort of normal underwear. He then goes on to explain how Tommy John underwear are perfect for "Hart's Cradle."

This ad is just the beginning of a series of videos Hart is creating in conjunction with the underwear company, making him the newest addition to the list of celebrities who are teaming with brands to take an active role in their digital marketing - rather than being mere endorsers. 

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Other videos include one in which Hart's butler relays messages to his briefs and one in which his undies literally fly. These videos are on Tommy John's YouTube channel and are being shared across social media and the internet. They are all hilarious - and reflect both Hart's comedy and the brand's dedication to a good product. 

Hart's Partnership With Tommy John

What makes this partnership so unique is that Hart is not only an endorser, but also an investor in the company. Celebrity investors can be a huge advantage for brands - both financially and for marketing purposes. When celebrity endorsers have something to gain or lose, they care more about their involvement rather than just showing up for an ad shoot.

In an interview, Hart explained, "I put in the work for brands I truly believe in. This collaboration is no different. Both HartBeat Production and Tommy John are passion projects for me, and it was exciting to leverage them both to produce this series so seamlessly."

This partnership is not only creating hilarious ads, but it's further demonstrating how much a strategic partnership with a celebrity can boost a company's marketing.

Could Your Brand Benefit From A Celebrity?

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