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How Spike TV Is Rebranding And Fighting For Cable Viewers

Okay, at this point we all know that streaming services are coming full force after cable networks. And by now, you've likely noticed that many people are "cutting the cable" in favor of a streaming service or a bundle of them, as has been a recent trend. And the quality of content from streaming services is phenomenal.  This year alone, HBO led the Emmy's with 29 wins, Netflix followed closely with 20, and Hulu took home the top prize for A Handmaid's Tale.

However, broadcast and cable networks aren't ready to go down without a fight. Many, like NBC and FX have been bouncing back with great shows. Others are rebranding their entire network, and preparing to release some killer original cable content. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how Spike is fighting cord cutters with their recent rebranding as Paramount Networks and the original cable series they will be releasing as they fight for viewership.

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Spike Gets A Facelift - Becomes "Paramount Network"

Spike TV is a cable and satellite channel that traditionally targeted males.  Owned by Viacom, it is known for series like the CSI franchise and Bar Rescue. However, in the fight for cable networks to keep and even grow their audiences, the network has announced that they will be rebranding as Paramount Network come January 18. And broadening their content to grab more of the female market share.

This new network will come with its own new series, and they are certainly not lacking a star-studded appeal. The show American Woman will star Alicia Silverstone as a strong and unconventional 1970s housewife in the 30 minute comedy that looks to be a contender for big conversation in the national feminist discussion.

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The network will also be adapting the dark comedy and cult classic movie Heathers for TV, drawing a wide audience of both the film's original fans and those of the stage adaptation. This version of the series however will take place in modern-day high school with a cast and storyline aimed at a more Generation Z audience - and already establihed wtih a huge following. 

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Of course, one of its biggest draws, and the show that will kick off the network's premiere, is Spike's own Lip Sync Battle, hosted by LL Cool J, featuring A-list stars facing off in lip syncing performances against each other. There will also be a six-part series on the events at Waco that will star Taylor Kitsch, Michael Shannon and John Leguizamo.

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What Does This Mean For Brand Marketers?

The important thing to note is that while television content is certainly trending towards streaming and social media platforms, the big boys at cable and broadcast network TV aren't just going by the wayside. These networks will push to create better and better original content to fight those streaming services - and they have the money and connections to do so.

Brand marketers looking to get their brand involved in an entertainment marketing strategy should keep their ear to the ground for entertainment trend shifts at any given moment. Getting your branding or product on a show like American Woman may not seem like a big deal now, but with a stellar cast and the producers of Shameless, it's looking like a sure-fire success that will offer major office water cooler conversations.  Check out this blog we wrote on how brands win by leveraging SVOD product placement

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Want To Get Your Brand Involved In Product Placement With Original Cable Series?

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