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How The Women Dominating The News Are Catching Consumers' Attention

No matter which direction your political opinion swings, you have undoubtedly seen politcal figures like Michelle Obama and newly minted Ivanka Trump everywhere this political season.

And perhaps not surprisingly, these women have significant pull over consumers' buying habits - even as much as (if not more than) Hollywood stars.  In this blog, Hollywood Branded takes a look at how political celebrities like Ivanka Trump and Michelle Obama have sway over consumers' retail purchasing habits.


Ivanka Trump's Sold-Out Dress

Donald Trump - love him or hate him - is everything the media can talk about lately. And with that comes recognition of his family, including his entrepreneur daughter Ivanka. And all eyes were on her during her appearance at the Republican National Convention. 

When you type in Google "Ivanka Trump" the first Google suggestions that come up are "Ivanka Trump speech" and "Ivanka Trump dress."

The business woman knew this, of course, and later Tweeted a link to the look she wore (from her own line) - and where to purchase something similar until the dress is available.


Not only was the dress her own creation, but the link to an affiliate shopping site also garnered her a commission for every dress sold. And it sold out instantly. No doubt the actual look will sell out just as quickly when she releases it with all the hype its getting.

This also came after her step-mother Melania Trump's dress from the evening before completely sold out as well... even with its $2,190 price tag. 


Michelle Obama's Flawless Fashion Reputation

Ever since Jackie O became the First Lady, the post has carried a significant amount of attention - especially regarding their wardrobe. But none has had quite the attention Mrs. Obama has gained over the past eight years. 

Before the State Of The Union address was even finished, the dress Mrs. Obama was wearing had already completely sold out. And so did the J. Crew belt she wore at her husband's second inauguration. 


Michelle Obama's staple, however, has been one of sensibility. She has impeccable style, which the world has noticed, yet her wardrobe choices aren't extravagantly expensive, they are befitting a common working woman with style. 

Your average woman could purchase these pieces within reason, and they do so in droves.

Jackie O: The Original Political Celebrity

Perhaps the most famous as well as most-watched First Lady in the history of the United States, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis set a precedent for style and sparked trends throughout the fashion world.

Jackie Kennedy's grace and poise mixed with her impeccable taste made her a fashion icon - and brands benefitted greatly from her exposure. Designers like Oleg Cassini, Chanel, and Halston all became iconic after the First Lady wore them... even when she was no longer the First Lady. In fact, the "pillbox hats" that she famously wore became a symbol for the woman herself.


Since then, the post of the President's wife has gone hand in hand with diplomacy, intelligence and of course, fashion. And with the whole world watching, the brands they wear or use share the spotlight.

How Can Your Brand Leverage The Power Of Celebrities?

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