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Entertainment Marketing Usage

Hollywood Branded Inc. conducted a survey exploring best entertainment marketing strategies used by brands and agencies, and how receptive consumers are, to these strategies.

The survey questions included an exploration of how consumers feel about product placement and brand integration.  The result?  The majority of consumers feel positively towards product placement, calling it "Beneficial, Organic or Informative." 

Key Findings

In the survey, brand marketers reported the belief that entertainment marketing strategies are a VALID MARKETING PRACTICE to increase consumer engagement.  Brands and agencies currently using marketing strategies such as product placement and celebrity endorsement, noticed both brand recognition and sales increases.

73% of agency respondents reported currently incorporating one or more of the Hollywood practices within their strategy for clients, and 69% of brand marketer respondents reported using the practice.  While celebrity endorsement is utilized by 37% of the brand marketers who responded, the clear winner as far as most usage is product placement - which is utilized more than any other similar tactic at a rate of 53%.  

As far as what production platforms are used by brand marketers, television and digital content came out on top, followed by feature film.  Both music and gaming were used by less than 11% of respondents - something we think as an agency will change in the near future, as more brands and agencies become familiar with the ease of measurement, and the speed of campaign implementation offered.  However, for this to be true, brand marketers are going to need to earmark dollars to spend at the last minute, as these two platforms have notoriously short turnaround time frames - sometimes less than a week from green light 'go' to production start!


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Marketing Strategies of Entertainment Marketing Usage To Increase Sales


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Brand and agency respondents expressed high levels of interest in these marketing tactics, and stated that this was an area of marketing expected to grow more than any other. Learn more about how product placement has increased sales for brands in TV and film.

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