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Still streamed today on Netflix, NBC's 30 Rock holds a dear place in many viewers hearts as a comedy with substance.  While it's no longer running new episodes, Verizon has chosen to bring the show back to life in two advertising spots - turning the show into the ad - a reverse product placement of sorts.

In this blog post Hollywood Branded takes you back to the original product placement that started the brand/show relationship.  We then share the two new ad spots that Verizon recently released starring Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer in their original roles of Jenna and Kenneth.  Happy viewing!


Product Placement Back In The Day

This ad campaign wasn't Verizon's first foray with the 30 Rock series.  Back in 2007 Verizon partnered with the show to create a very tongue in cheek integrated product placement - supported by a media buy - in the episode Someone To Love.   In the segment, Alex Baldwin and Tina Fey have a bit of fun calling out the product placement. And even ask for the payday...

Partnering with a TV show - or a feature film - is done for many reasons. But this may be the first time 9 years later a media campaign was built from having done so!

Check it out here:



The First Ad:  Smaller File Size Shrinkage

Jenna and Kenneth reunite in this first ad, and are seen in a hallway chatting about Kenneth's inability to brag about himself for a resume building job interview.  As they chat, the episode of 30 Rock begins to shrink to a smaller file size compressing - and pressing - them together, along with everyone else in the hallway.

The spot builds on Season 2's "Cooter" episode where Kenneth has to write an essay to apply to aork as a page at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.   Just like in the original, Jenna comes to the Kenneth's rescue by describing the "backdoor brag".  All the way up until the shrinking pressing begins...and the voiceover says other carriers provide "unlimited streaming" but have the videos shrunk to make it happen.

According to AdWeek, W+K and director Wayne McClammy brought back 30 Rock's original set crew to build the sets for the two commercial spots. o. 

Watch the first ad: 




The Second Ad:  Bad Streaming

In the second ad another alum from 30 Rock joins Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer in their original roles of Jenna and Kenneth - Judah Friedlander's Frank Rossitano and his signature hats.

The group play off of one another to better establish oh-the-horrors- of what streaming services from other mobile providers is like.  Bulging facial features, shimmering images and more when Jenna asks Kenneth about auditions while standing in the 30 Rock corridor.  By the end of the spot viewers understand exactly what bad streaming could do to a "good show"... 

Check out the last ad: 



Product Placement In TV Shows

Hats off to Wieden & Kennedy New York and director Wayne McClammy for making two seemingly retro spots relevant!

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