Scary Good Marketing: Understanding the Horror Genre's Captivating Influence


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From Screams To Sales

Last week in New York, I witnessed AMC's show-stopping media upfront event that redefined entertainment standards and showcased its mastery in audience engagement. The atmosphere was electric, with elements like Walking Dead zombies interacting with guests, synchronized confetti showers, and parades of six-foot dessert trays all choreographed to a DJ’s beats.  Plus, the food was not only delicious but photo-worthy, right down to the interactive salad that guests cracked open with a maraca toy.

The launch of AMC's new - and returning - series was equally impressive. The presentation featured a chilling blend of horror and satire that captivated a room full of ad executives. AMC has consistently excelled in the horror and thriller genres, and while these might not be the first choice for every brand, there's a compelling case to be made for embracing the macabre in marketing strategies. So how exactly do zombies, vampires, and mayhem drive sales for brands?  In this article, Hollywood Branded explores the psychology behind the horror genre's profound impact on audiences, revealing how its unique ability to captivate and sustain consumer attention can enhance brand partnerships.

Scary Good Marketing Understanding the Horror Genres Captivating Influence

Why Horror Resonates with Consumers and Marketers

I've discussed for years how horror can be a goldmine for marketers. Despite the genre’s dark and often gruesome turn, its appeal, particularly to elusive demographics like young males aged from teen to 35, cannot be ignored. These viewers are less likely to consume traditional media but will flock to theaters for horror flicks and keep watching them on repeat at home. This opens a massive opportunity for brands to be featured in movies that resonate deeply with this audience, creating memorable, impactful marketing experiences.

Cost-Effective Marketing with High Engagement

Horror films like The Purge, The Conjuring, and Insidious have shown impressive box office returns against modest budgets. This ROI potential makes horror an attractive genre for marketers. Furthermore, the emotional engagement elicited by horror - ranging from heightened fear to a sense of companionship with fellow viewers - leads to increased brand recall and a more positive brand association, as evidenced by studies like those by Lea Dunn at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business.

Here are six quick reasons why this genre is such a strong marketing platform for brand marketers:

  • Engagement and Recall: Horror's unique ability to engage viewers deeply makes it a powerful genre for brand integration. Research from the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business shows that brands featured in scary scenes are more likely to be remembered. This is because the intense emotions and the feeling of isolation experienced during such scenes increase viewers' attachment to and recall of branded products seen on screen.

  • Popularity and Reach: Horror continues to capture audiences across films and TV shows like The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Dexter. Its popularity is not just about the thrill but also about the genre's ability to tap into cultural zeitgeists, making it a lucrative field for advertisers aiming at massive audience reach.

  • Demographic and Sales Impact: Horror films are particularly effective at reaching difficult demographics, such as males aged between teen and 35. This group is less likely to consume traditional forms of media but will flock to theaters for horror films, providing a prime opportunity for brands to make a significant impact.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Horror movies often boast low production costs while yielding high returns at the box office and in streaming services. This economic efficiency makes horror a prime candidate for product placements and brand partnerships, offering high visibility for a fraction of the cost compared to other genres.

  • Positive Associations: Contrary to common belief, the negative emotions elicited by horror films do not transfer to the featured brands. Instead, the heightened engagement can lead to positive brand associations, debunking the myth that scary content might harm brand perception.

  • Innovative Marketing Opportunities: The horror genre is ripe for innovative marketing strategies. It not only reaches trendsetters and adventure seekers but also allows brands to be part of highly talked-about cultural moments. Brands can leverage this by aligning with horror productions that offer direct access to engaged and receptive audiences.

Engaging the Elusive and Driving Sales

Embracing horror could be a game-changer for marketers, especially those looking to break through the noise and capture the attention of a young, media-savvy demographic. With horror's broad appeal and high engagement rates, brands should leverage this dynamic genre to enhance their marketing strategies.

The unique and intense engagement horror films provoke make them perfect venues for product placement. Brands have a chance to be part of the narrative that consumers are deeply involved in, significantly enhancing recall and affinity—essential factors for driving sales. Moreover, the adventure and thrill-seeking nature of horror fans make them ideal targets as early adopters for new trends.

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Unlocking The Hidden Potential

Marketers previously hesitant about aligning with horror need to reconsider the tangible benefits this genre can offer. From high engagement to tapping into hard-to-reach demographics, horror can effectively amplify a brand's visibility and impact. It's also a more cost-affordable genre to market around, as there is less competition. That doesn't mean it's not impactful or effective—it just means other brand marketers haven't figured it out. Yet.

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