Shonda Rhimes And Dove Team Up For Branded Content Campaign


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How Dove Is Teaming Up With The TV Writer Extraordinaire 

Dove's new Real Beauty Productions aims to reach viewers who often don't find themselves reflected in the women they see on TV or in traditional beauty commercials, and they've partnered with a powerful female content creator to do so.

Shonda Rhimes, the TV genius behind Grey's AnatomyScandal, and How To Get Away With Murder, has teamed up with Dove to create a series of short films and spots that represent real women and real beauty.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded checks out the new sponsored creative branded content from Shonda Rhimes and Dove.

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Dove's Real Beauty Production Targets "Real Women"

Dove's latest foray into the world of creative marketing targeting real beauty includes a series of short videos featuring real women defining what makes them beautiful.


In the 30-second spot for "Meet Cathleen," Cathleen tells us her story, and her experiences in a world where she feels beautiful but also feels as if she shouldn't. In fact, 69% of women agree they don't see themselves reflected on screen. The spot introduces Real Beauty Productions in partnership with Shonda Rhimes "to put the power of storytelling into the hands of Real Women."

"We need to start defining what beauty is for ourselves, and I think the definition of that beauty is you," says Cathleen, introducing the new series.

In the full short film, Cathleen tells the story of how she has always felt beautiful and loved to dance, inspiring her to create "Fat Girls Dance," a "radical act of fearlessness," in her own words. By telling her story and how she opened up to her own beauty, she has helped countless others; and Dove and Shonda Rhimes tell her story.



Why Shonda Rhimes Is A Perfect Fit For Dove

Dove has long been known for being different from other beauty brands, specifically in their marketing over the past 10 years. Targeting men and women of all shapes, sizes, colors and backgrounds, Dove has gotten a lot of attention for their pro-body-image marketing.

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This new branded content campaign is no exception, and in fact, Real Beauty Production took it to the next level by enlisting Shonda Rhimes, one of the most brilliant and empowering writers,creators and producers on television.

With a massive following spawned by her wildly successful series, Shonda Rhimes has long sought to empower women, specifically those of color. And today, this is a voice that rings strong and true throughout America.

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By previewing this spot during TGIT (Thank God It's Thursday), the Thursday night block of Shonda Rhimes's series', the spot gets a built-in Rhimes audience, and hits those who appreciate both Dove and her sentiments.

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