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Skims: A Brand Built on Collaboration and Innovation

Skims, the shapewear and loungewear brand founded by Kim Kardashian, has made a remarkable impact in the fashion industry, not only for its innovative and inclusive products but also for its strategic collaborations with high-profile brands.

These partnerships have not only propelled Skims to new heights but also reshaped the landscape of fashion, making it more accessible and diverse. In this blog, we'll explore Skims' top brand collaborations to date.

Blog SKIMS Brand Collaborations

Fendi x skims: a match made in fashion heaven

In 2021, the world witnessed a fashion spectacle when Skims and Fendi, the Italian luxury fashion house, joined forces for a limited-edition collection. This groundbreaking collaboration seamlessly blended Skims' signature shapewear with Fendi's iconic FF logo and bold designs, leading to a collection that captivated fashion enthusiasts and set new standards for luxury shapewear.

fendi skims

Skims' iconic bodysuit partnered with Fendi's FF logo. Image courtesy of W Magazine.


fendi-skimsImage courtesy of

The partnership turned out to be a strategic coup for both Skims and Fendi. Skims, traditionally known for comfort and inclusivity, gained access to Fendi's high-end clientele and reputation for luxury. Simultaneously, Fendi benefitted from Skims' younger, trend-savvy audience and mastery in shapewear. Together, they created a collection that not only sold out rapidly but also paved the way for future high-fashion collaborations.

team usa: skims takes the global stage

In the same year, Skims ventured into global sporting events by collaborating with Team USA for the Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympics. This partnership was a momentous achievement for Skims as it marked its first foray into the international sports arena.

skims team usa

Team USA's track and field Dalilah Muhammad modeling the custom line. Image courtesy of The New York Times.

The collaboration was a natural synergy, with Skims' focus on comfort and style perfectly aligning with the needs of athletes. Meanwhile, Team USA, with its worldwide reach and reputation for excellence, provided Skims with an influential platform to showcase its products to a global audience. This association opened doors for Skims in the world of sports, further solidifying its presence on a global scale.

NBA/WNBA/USA Basketball: Skims' Journey into Professional Sports

In 2023, Skims took its ambitions to new heights by announcing a multi-year partnership with the NBA, WNBA, and USA Basketball, becoming the official underwear partner of these esteemed organizations. This strategic alliance signifies a significant expansion into the world of professional sports for Skims.

skims-nbaImage courtesy of

The collaboration is a win-win for both Skims and the NBA, WNBA, and USA Basketball. Skims gains access to the vast and passionate fan bases of these organizations, while the leagues associate themselves with a brand celebrated for its inclusivity and body-positive messaging. Together, they are not only redefining fashion in sports but also making it more accessible and comfortable for athletes and fans alike.

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Swarovski x Skims: A Dazzling Partnership

In November 2023, Skims continued to amaze the world by partnering with Swarovski, the renowned Austrian crystal company. This collaboration resulted in a sparkling collection featuring crystal-embellished shapewear, intimates, and ready-to-wear pieces, inspired by Swarovski's iconic Millenia jewelry collections.

2023-skims-t2-kimlongdress1-of-gl-300dpi-rgb-final-65450af7ce185One of the first looks to sell out - a bejeweled maxi dress. Image courtesy of Harper's Bazaar. 

The Swarovski x Skims collaboration seamlessly blended two worlds, where Swarovski's high-quality crystals and glamorous designs met Skims' body-positive messaging and inclusive sizing. This collaboration showcased their expertise and creativity, leading to a truly captivating collection that redefined luxury loungewear.

The price point of the pieces is pushing the boundaries for both brands - offering some lower than usually priced options for Swarovski and some higher than usually priced options for Skims (a dress priced at $998 and a crystal piece priced over $3,000). 

Impact of Collaborations on Skims

Skims' collaborations have been the cornerstone of its monumental success. These partnerships have helped the brand to:

Elevate Skims' brand image: By collaborating with high-profile brands like Fendi, Swarovski, and major sports leagues, Skims has positioned itself as a luxury brand synonymous with quality and style.

Reach a wider audience: Skims' collaborations have introduced the brand to a new audience of consumers who may not have been familiar with it before, expanding its influence and popularity.

Generate buzz and excitement: Skims' collaborations have consistently been highly anticipated events, generating significant buzz and excitement in the fashion industry, contributing to its continuous growth.

Drive sales: These collaborations have consistently been successful in terms of sales, with products often selling out quickly and significantly contributing to the brand's revenue.

Skims' journey has been marked by the power of collaboration and innovation. By partnering with high-profile brands that share similar values and target audiences, Skims has elevated its brand image, reached a wider audience, generated significant sales, and redefined the fashion industry. As Skims continues to grow and expand, it is evident that collaborations will remain a vital driving force behind its continued success, shaping the future of fashion and inclusivity.


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