Social Media Engagement 101: 3 Steps To Help Increase Your Follower Interaction


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The First Step In Getting New Customers

Today, it is no longer enough to just have a large online following in all of your social media platforms. There can be hundreds of companies who offer the same set of products and services to the customers but what makes the difference is how these companies actually treat their customers and give them that “experience”.

If we put this notion in the online context, customers can follow several companies offering the same brand but it will all boil down to how these companies actually interact with the customers. In this blog, Hollywood Branded provides insight on 3 steps to help increase your follower interaction so that you can get more engagement and sales.

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The Importance Of Social Media Engagement

YES, social media engagement is important. Regardless of what type of business you have, engagement is essential to create deep customer relationships. You should to make your brand reachable to all of your online followers, and you can easily do this by interacting with your customers.

It makes no difference whether your business is a small mom-and-pop shop or a multinational brand, customer service is obviously one factor for you to earn loyal customers. With loyal customers, it is easier for you to market your products and services to a new audience since customers will also be doing it on your behalf. People trust the feedback of other people before deciding to patronize a business. And yes, you can extend your customer service through social media engagement. This is just one instance of how crucial is social media engagement to the success of your business.

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Approaches To Increase Follower Interaction

You might already be interacting with your online community the moment you came across this article or you might not know how to start. Whatever your situation is today, we are providing 3 tips to help you be more successful for your brand's online social media footprint.

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#1 Go Ahead And Start The Conversation

Social media engagement is like a relationship and for this relationship to start between you and your customer, do not be scared to make the first move. If you are still a small business, you can look at the strategies which leaders are doing right now. If you are still struggling to start a conversation with your online following, you can start by hosting Q & A sessions online. You can even post the schedule of this session weeks before to invite viewers. And no, please do not answer with generic copy pasted responses to your viewers (Tip: use emoji’s). Keep in mind that these people would trust you once they know that there is actually a human being behind the brand.

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 #2 Respond To Your Audience Immediately

One of the things that customers hate is when businesses do not respond to their queries online. They often question your presence online and this can be very detrimental to your business in the long run. If you decide to sign-up to any social media platforms while bringing your brand, make sure that you spend time in reading all of your customer’s comments, tweets and hashtags¾and respond to all of them. especially if they raise a concern. You do not want one customer to rant about your product online, right? This could affect the public’s general view of your business and you do not want that to happen.


#3 Showcase Your Brand’s Fans

You can interact online by showcasing whoever is using your brand. For example, you can ask your Twitter followers to use your official hashtags when they are personally using your brand. When they do, share their content on your own page. This will create an avenue for your brand to communicate with your loyal customers and also attract others along the way.

Contests are also another great way to reach out to your customers and advertise at the same time. Most businesses online arrange contests which involves participants to like or share a particular content and whoever has the most number of activities, wins. Products from your own brand can be given as prizes. Once a winner is declared, post this in all your social media accounts and couple it up with a catchy caption.


So What Else Can You Do... That Might Be Faster

We've talked about some short cuts Instagram influencers sometimes take... and there are options for shortcuts for brands as well.  While Hollywoood Branded endorses building a genuine organic follower base as much as possible, companies like Automatic Likes work with brands who want to take a short cut to plump up follower numbers - using actual real people versus bots. You can always check the site out for a test drive.

Follower engagement can bring about a lot of benefits for your business. You just need to determine what asset you can use each of your social accounts for. One approach might not be applicable for your business, but never be scared to experiment¾this is the best way for you to determine which one works perfectly for you and will help boost your follower interaction.

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