Sofia Vergara Launches New Celebrity Brand For A Great Cause


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How The Modern Family Star Plans To Both Clothe & Empower Women

Sofia Vergara is one of the most well-known faces in Hollywood right now. Best known for her sexy but goofy character Gloria on the hit TV comedy Modern Family, Vergara is also the face of Pantene hair care. However, her latest endeavor is a powerful move for the budding entrepreneur.

EBY, her new underwear delivery service that officially begins in September, will function similar to services like BirchBox and Fabletics, but with one major difference - a percentage of sales will go to a non-profit organization that invests in women entrepreneurs all over the world. In this blog, Hollywood Branded looks at how Sofia Vergara launches new celebrity brand for a great cause with EBY's new underwear delivery service.

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EBY Makes Underwear Shopping Easy

Subscription retail services are part of a trend that has taken the market by storm. From razors to hair care and even fresh food, all sorts of brands have found success in this format.

Now, Sofia Vergara has teamed up with partner Renata Black to create a subscription service for underwear. And while Vergara may be known for her sultry ways, these underwear are meant to be practical and beneficial for both the women wearing them and women entrepreneurs all over the world.


Short for "Empowered By You," EBY lets subscribers choose what styles they like and how often their underwear is delivered, with simple but elegant new patterns and designs each time. According to Vergara, the point is not to deliver sexy lingerie, but simply give women the convenience of doing their underwear shopping for them so they can focus on important things - like their careers.

Celebrity Endorsement Deal Case Studies That Made Sales Happen Video

Vergara was the highest paid female actor on TV and she has some serious clout with consumers. But what is most interesting is that her new celebrity brand is made to empower women, not reduce them to sex objects. And 10% of proceeds will go to the non-profit Seven Bar Foundation that seeks to invest that money in women as entrepreneurs.

Plus take a look - the packageing and logo is phenomenally memorable and a stand-out.  Just like the likelihood of success for this brand.


The Seven Bar Foundation

This project is garnering so much attention as opposed to other celebrity brands because Vergara is passionate about the project it helps fund - and that passion is contagious.

The Seven Bar Organization is a non-profit that helps women start their own business through micro financing - money that they then pay back and in turn help the next woman. 

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These small loans go to all different kind of businesswomen - from a restaurant owner in Colombia to a veterinarian in New York City. Much of this is focused in South America, as Vergara is a Colombian native and believes in the power of her fellow Colombian women.

What is important to her brand is that this is not a charity. The non-profit simply gives women the tools they need to kick start their business. And in a time when consumers are loyal to brands they believe do good in the world, this is an important part of the EBY brand.

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