Sprint Spokesman Scores Brilliant Product Placement In J. Lo's New Music Video


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How The Sultry Pop Queen And Sprint Teamed Up

Product placement in music videos is a key tool for brand marketers looking to hit a large yet still targeted audience. Many times, like in television and film, the placements in music videos are subtle. Other times, as in J. Lo's case, they're as obvious as putting the brand's spokesperson in the actual video.

In this blog, Hollywood Branded takes a look at Jennifer Lopez's new music video and its product placements, including the Sprint spokesman.

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Ni Tu Ni Yo

Jennifer Lopez's new single off her upcoming album debuted on July 11th and has racked up over 23 million views in just 2 weeks. It is classic J. Lo, sultry and very, very danceable as the singer flirts with her director and dances with the members of Gente de Zona.

And there are multiple placements to be seen, from her watch in the very beginning to the multiple times we see them pouring and drinking Hennessey.

But the most notable brand integration of the video is by far Sprint's placement. Not only does Lopez pick up a phone call on a Sprint phone, but the color scheme of the entire video reflects Sprint's bright yellow hue. 

Sprint in Ni Tu Ni Yo.png

And of course, that's nothing compared to the fact that the new Sprint spokesman, who famously used to be the "Can you hear me now?" man for Verizon, actually makes an appearance in the video. He is partying with everyone in the bar and shares a drink with Lopez. It's obvious, but it works, and Sprint has a big win on their hands with all the views the video is getting.


Sprint also used the cameo to their full advantage and did what all brand marketers should do: they amplified their placement by tweeting about it:

Sprint tweet jennifer lopez.png

Check out the music video here:

Can Music Video Integration Help Your Brand?

Brand integration within music and its videos is a big win for brands because music videos get watched over and over again and shared on multiple social media platforms. 

For more about the benefits of placements withing music and music videos, read our article "Brand Partnerships Increase Product Placement In Videos, Lyrics."

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