Stellar Product Placement: Ben And Jerry's Ice Cream Stars In Deadpool Teaser


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How The Ice Cream Company Scored A Spot In The New Ad

Deadpool was more than just the surprise hit of 2016. The movie grossed over $750 million worldwide and broke records for both R-rated movies and movies opening on President's Day weekend. It also breathed new life into a trend of superhero movies that were starting to all blur together.

Because of its wild, runaway success, its sequel is highly anticipated, and the teaser trailer seems to prove the sequel will do the irreverent original film justice. And the viral teaser also included an incredibly spot-on cameo for Ben and Jerry's ice cream. In this blog, Hollywood Branded takes a peek at the new Deadpool teaser and how it is a huge product placement win for Ben and Jerry's brand image.

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Wade Wilson Apparently Likes Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

In a preview that has been shown before Marvel's most recent release Logan, as well as received millions of views across the various YouTube channels that have shared it, we get a sneak peek at the upcoming Deadpool 2 that will be coming... well not soon enough, according to the teaser.

In the spot, Wade Wilson comes upon a mugging (warning teaser trailer spoilers ahead).

He runs quickly to a phone booth to change into his iconic suit with a view of a movie theater showing Logan behind him (references to Wolverine and Hugh Jackman have been a running joke in the Deadpool franchise). Unfortunately, he can't get the suit on fast enough and the man winds up dead.


As Wade lays down on the body and reflects on how he should have maybe just called 911 instead of trying to change into his costume, he snags the man's Cherry Garcia Ben and Jerry's ice cream that has fallen from his bag of groceries. "You gonna eat that?" he asks, followed by "don't answer now, just rest."

Following in the vein of the original film, the spot is brash, irreverant, and pokes fun at more than one other superhero. And Ben and Jerry's ice cream gets a major starring role. This is an amazing spot for the brand, targeting their younger demographic with humor. Plus, it really makes us want some ice cream.

Why This Spot Is Pure Gold For Their Brand

Something about Deadpool eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream just seems so right. The chimichanga-loving super(anti)hero is the perfect pair for the brand... A little edgy, and very hilarious, the ad did justice to the fun-loving and out-of-the-box brand's image.

The best part? Ben and Jerry's didn't pay the Deadpool production team any cash for the spot. The placement was a trade of product for placement. In fact, many, if not most, placements work on this principle. The important part is working with an agency who has the relationships inside Hollywood to get a placement like this done.

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