The Art of Photo Dumping


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Dump It Like It's Hot

It seems like just yesterday we were posting one picture at a time on Instagram. If we posted any more than that, it was usually frowned upon. Even posting two days in a row was a big no-no. Well, it's safe to say that the times have most definitely changed.

Now, it's a good thing to post more than once, and it's even better to post as many pictures as you can in a given post. With this method of posting, the possibilities are endless. That is why photo dumping is the new normal on Instagram. In this blog, Hollywood Branded discusses what a photo dump is, and provides examples of celebrities who use this art form as well.

The Art of Photo Dumping

The Content We Didn't Know We Needed

Instagram allows its users to post content in a variety of ways. Carousels are used to post as many photos or videos as wanted in one given post, but they cap it at 10. Adding more than one photo gives you more room to showcase your creativity. Cue photo dumping. 

Do you post 4-5 pictures at once? Do you usually post content that may be considered random? Then you're already a photo dumper! A photo dump is when a user posts more than 3 photos at once in one given post that usually contains a bunch of different and random photos that they have taken. 

The beauty in photo dumping is that it doesn't necessarily need to make sense or tell a specific story. Of course, if you're a brand, then you would want your photo dumps to make sense. But if you're just an everyday Instagram user or even an influencer, then photo dumping may just be your new best friend. 

Don't Fear The Dump

Dumping doesn't need to be gross. Well, photo dumps certainly aren't! What's beautiful about photo dumping is not only the many ways you can incorporate it into your feed but the fact that it feels so natural.

With photo dumps, people are able to deliver content in an organic way. You're able to show more of yourself, who you are, and what your life entails. The days of being fearful of what you want to post because it's not "Instagram-worthy" are long gone. There's no need to hide anymore - photo dumping allows you to be you.

Another great thing about photo dumps is that they allow you to be authentic. People being "authentic" on Instagram, especially in regard to influencers, has been a huge concern when it comes to their younger audience. Because photo dumping allows for the images to be unorganized, random, and unplanned, they can be used as a great role model for teenagers and young adults who are in the process of learning about themselves. The photos you include in your dump don't need to be edited or condensed with many filters overlaid on top of each other. You can post the raw photos that came straight from your camera without being judged! Your photo dump is whatever you want it to be.    

So Many Ways To Dump

As mentioned, photo dumping doesn't need to have a clear purpose. It can include 2-3 pictures of you, 1-2 photos of your dog, and 3 photos you took on the hike you went on last weekend. You can mix and match in any way you like. That's what makes it so fun! 

Showcase what you did in February! Or give us visuals from the trip to Barcelona you went on a few weeks ago. Feel free to include those goofy yet adorable pictures of your dog you just took last night. We want to see all those funny memes you just made the other day. Took too many selfies today and more than 5 of them turned out better than expected but you can't decide which one to share? 2 words: Photo. Dump. 

You can show anything. Your photo dump can be used to highlight the life moments that you love so dearly. Captioning is easy too, because you could easily just say "Photo Dump." Or, if you're posting about the things you did in Winter, you can caption the post "Winter 2022." It's that easy! There's no right or wrong way to go about photo dumping. It's so popular that even your favorite celebrity or influencer is using this method. Let's dive into a few of our favorite photo-dumpers. 

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Tyler, the Creator

This rapper has quite the personality, and he shows it in his photo dumps. Tyler utilizes his Instagram feed to illustrate what's going on in his life. He posts many different types of content that land him at least 1 million likes each time. For example, he posts his exciting and gorgeous vacations to Italy, random selfies that clearly show that he takes great care of his skin, celebrating his store launch in Malibu with Ye, funny videos that will definitely make you laugh, and more. And they are all combined into a uniquely crafted photo dump that deserves more than a chef's kiss. It seems like carousels are definitely his go-to when it comes to Instagram content. 

IMG_1137 2

Credit: Feliciathegoat on Instagram

Barbie Ferreira 

This Euphoria star is on the photo dump hype as well. Throughout season 2, Barbie would often remind her followers that the latest episode would air that night with a photo dump. These dumps would include pictures of her behind-the-scenes, which also showed makeup shots and lovable moments with her co-stars. What a great way to get fans excited for the newest episode! Barbie is anything but shy when it comes to photo dumps. In fact, she even has a post captioned with "a dump." In this dump, she includes all kinds of selfies, and the last picture was an adorable throwback of her when she was a kid. That's a 10/10 photo dump if you ask us!


Credit: Barbie Ferreira on Instagram

The Kid Laroi 

This young artist has been receiving a lot of attention lately due to his rise to stardom, and his Instagram followers are definitely going up. As of now, The Kid Laroi has 3.9M followers on the platform. Through photo dumping, he not only entertains his fans with what is going on in his life but also promotes his upcoming music as well. Sometimes, he will combine a couple of pictures of himself with snippets of his latest songs. In one post, his photo dump is crafted in an interesting way - the first picture is him in front of a truck, the middle two posts are sneak peeks of new songs, and the last picture is another version of him standing in front of the same trunk. He illustrates one of the many ways one can incorporate photo dumps into their feed. Get crafty with it just like The Kid Laroi does! 

IMG_1138 2

Credit: The Kid Laroi on Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian 

Photo dumping is so popular that even the Kardashians do it! Kourtney seems to love to photo dump, just like everyone else. Her recent photo dumps include photos and clips of her luxurious adventures, and of course, her relationship with Travis Barker. However, her photo dumps can also be very random. One dump shows photos of a TPed house, and the last photo is just a bunch of toilet paper on the ground. With this kind of content, she is able to show her playful personality. Considering Kourtney has 166M followers on Instagram, this just proves that any kind of photo dump is welcome. The more random, the better! 

Credit: Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram

What Are You Waiting For? Start dumpin'!

Photo dumping is a very hot trend. We see it all over Instagram and it has certainly changed the way people post now. It is truly a great way to organically showcase who you are as a person. Since photo dumps tend to be so random, they can be crafted in any shape or form. This allows for endless creative possibilities! Whether you're a celebrity, an influencer, a brand, or an everyday individual, photo dumping is a great way to post content. So remember, when in doubt, photo dump it out! 

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