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Hollywood & Technology Are The Best Partners

Did you know that tech brands and Hollywood movies and TV series make the best partners? This past weekend CES 2023, the most influential tech event in the world, took place in Las Vegas, where breakthrough technologies and innovations wowed audiences. 

From electric cars to high-tech makeup, brands from all over showcased technologies to better the world, solve everyday problems, and even to get their spotlight in Hollywood. In this blog, Hollywood Branded showcases some of the best tech innovations and Hollywood partnerships from CES 2023. 

The Best of CES 2023

What Happens In Vegas, Stays...Online 

A few of our team and I just returned from hitting the hotel and convention halls and Las Vegas meeting rooms for CES. From what we experienced, CES is returning to its former pre-pandemic glory. The halls were not quite as packed as 5 years ago, but there were plenty of people in what felt like not enough space between us.

Are you ready for driverless public transportation? With a new venue that debuted for the first time last year, West Hall showed that all signs point to this new reality being in our lives exceptionally soon. If you are still getting ready for a driverless vehicle, then you are in luck... with all of the upgraded electronic bikes that allow you to get from point A to point B with nary a peddle or set it for a workout to feel the burn.

Best Display Space Overall

I am a bit biased because LG is a client partner for whom we've built partnerships over the years. I personally believe LG's footprint was the absolute best overall space usage in the general convention. The layout included every home functional space, with products set up in a living room or kitchen feel, with plenty packed in and still enough room to wander around in the crowd. The 'gather the stickers for your card' game they had for attendees led to a free toothbrush and soap, but it seemed to be enough of a driver to get hordes of people determined to sticker hunt and learn in the process. The booth, which encompassed a footprint half the size of one section of the hall, was spot on in supporting their motto..."Life Is Good." 

LG booth CES 2023

Photo Credit: Tayfun Coskun | Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

LG has developed AI-driven innovative home products where even the washing machine provides sensor cleaning based on its ability to detect fabric type. Far better than my default of just washing all clothes on delicate. LG is celebrating its decade of OLED technology, and its massive and immersive display far triumphed over rival Samsung. The curved welcome walls swooping overhead would be a big hit after hours if made into a gaming, cannabis, or psychedelic lounge. Truly stunning displays and technology. The refrigerators that can change front panel color at the touch of an app button and which pulse to the beat of the music will give your kitchen a new out-of-this-world makeover. Even their fun home brew kit and plant growing system made you take a second look which you can do at this behind-the-scenes preview by CNET.

Experiential Activations

CES is no stranger to Hollywood, and many a film has been pre-promoted on the floors of the halls by the biggest tech brands.  We've had our clients build out speaking sessions from their booth of a look behind Hollywood and their product placement experiences on screen, and they are always a proven attendee gatherers. 

By far, the most entertainment-driven display I saw was the co-promotional M. Night Shyamalan directed "Knock at the Cabin" in Canon's Central Hall, which had a consistent line of convention attendees waiting to experience it for themselves. This, by the way - the experiential activation opportunities to align with movies and other pop culture are THE future (and immediate) of brand partnerships.  

For this partnership, the film's director joined the brand's press conference to discuss unique experiences he created in collaboration with Cannon. The partnership drove PR for Universal, helping get more people into theaters as the film opened on Thursday. The in-booth experience, which was truly a big cabin set in the middle of the floor, was built through Canon VR and video technology. The attendees entered for a VR experience and then could look for clues throughout the space to help solve the aftermath of the investigation. 

Knock at the Cabin + M. Night Shyamalan + CES 2023

Photo Credit: Thomas K. Arnold | Media Play News Staff Photo

New call-to-action

The Biggest New Trend For Brands To Partner With

Similar to the Cabin experience I described, you'll see a significant uptick as touring Hollywood-driven events like Netflix's The Queen's Ball: A Bridgerton Experience or Stranger Things: The Experience becomes more common. What's phenomenal is that these activations have built-in press and media opportunities for brand partners. The events cater to free access to influencers as the event producers know the power of the social universe, helping bring tremendous exposure to brand partners far beyond those attending the experience itself. 

The Future Is Seemingly Now

Really, technology is just fascinating at the rate it is advancing. I told my husband the other day that we must stay at the cutting edge of tech and internet trends as we age, not just for what we do - but so that we keep up as technology races by. There is a massive divide and growing gap for the older generations who need help to keep up.

My mother crows from the rooftop about how much she loves her smartphone and that it allows her mind to stay sharp as she asks it questions all day long. So many of her friends are just entirely cut out of the ability to be modern, without access to Ubers or Doordash or the health apps that check blood pressure and more. If you know someone in your life who is a little older, spend a few minutes (ok or an hour or three) helping them learn about their smartphone or ensure that they understand the benefits of even getting one.

It makes a massive difference in otherwise sometimes lonely lives. Technology, while able to be isolating, also offers such a phenomenal ability to connect. Which is why AARP attended CES, as they attempt to help make sure that gap narrows in the years ahead. Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen joined AARP chief executive Jo Ann Jenkins at the CES trade show to discuss Alzheimer's and how technology can help patients and their families. 

seth rogen, laura miller rogen and jo ann jenkins talk on stage at the agetech summit

Photo Credit: Linda Dono | AARP 

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