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Some movies, especially fantasy films like The Hunger Games, don't have very many opportunities for product placement simply because of where or when the story takes place. You won't pass a Burger King in an alternate universe, and there weren't any Starbucks in the 16th century. But this certainly doesn't mean that entertainment marketing can't be an incredible strategy to partner with these films. That is where promotional partnerships and extensions come in, and The Hunger Games is a perfect case study for how effective they can be.

Hollywood Branded looks at the promotional partnerships and extensions used by brands in The Hunger Games franchise.



The Hunger Games Is A Huge Hit With The Young Adult Audience

The Hunger Games franchise is a strange phenomenon - it is a dark and dismal story revolving around kids who must fight each other to the death - battle royal style - while the nation follows along on giant television screens. It isn't exactly the love story fans were drawn to in Twilight or the secret magical world of wizards, potions, and Quidditch that young adult fans loved in Harry Potter... but it received astounding success nonetheless. Perhaps it was the superb casting (Jennifer Lawrence is always a fan-favorite), the incredible set and costumes, or the enthralling, albeit depressing, storyline that made the franchise blow up and become a huge success. Whatever it was, brands began clamoring to do promotions with the film.

The marketing team at Lionsgate, who distributed the film, saw partnership opportunities grow as the film became more popular. While they partnered with big brands like Dodge and CoverGirl, they also took advantage of the theme of the film to partner with brands like Feeding America and Whole Planet Foundation. These partnerships brought a charitable side to the film's promotions and benefited those who are experiencing true hunger in the real world. 

The Timeline Of Promotional Partnerships In The Hunger Games



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The Hunger Games (2012)


  • Joe Fresh
  • Mattel
  • Capitol Couture
  • Target

Catching Fire (2013)


  • Subway
  • CoverGirl
  • Capitol Couture
  • William Dean Chocolates
  • Target

Mockingjay, Part 1 (2014)


  • Samsung
  • Mazda
  • Doritos
  • Feeding America
  • Whole Food Programme
  • Whole Planet Foundation
  • Target
  • CoverGirl
  • Capitol Couture
  • Petro-Canada
  • YouTube

Mockingjay, Part 2 (2015)


  • Dodge
  • Chrysler
  • Fiat
  • CoverGirl
  • Capitol Couture
  • Discovery Times Square
  • Target

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