The California Film & TV Tax Credit Program Gave 11 Shows A Christmas Gift


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In the past few years, many television shows and films have opted to shoot in places like Canada, Georgia, and Louisiana in favor of the lower costs and tax credits. However, since California Governor Jerry Brown signed the Film and Television Job Creation and Retention Act into being, many of these rogue productions are coming back to the Golden State, and production of film and TV in California is booming.

Hollywood Branded looks at the 11 series that will next receive tax credits and why this is important to Hollywood and California as a whole.

The California Film Commission's Big Announcement

Just in time for the holidays, the California Film Commission has released the names of 11 productions that will receive a total of $42 million in tax credits between them from the California Film & TV Tax Credit Program. The shows were split up into categories. Some were "existing" series, some credit dollars will go to new series, 2 will go to pilots, 1 will go to a miniseries and 1 more to a relocating series.


Existing Shows That Will Receive Credits

Fox's fun freshman crime drama 'Rosewood' was one of the big winners in the announcement, receiving $4.5 million in tax credits. Others included the medical drama 'Code Black', which received $3.7 million, and CBS's comedy 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' receiving $1.8 million. 

'Mistresses' was a very important inclusion to the list. The show received $5.7 million in tax credits to move filming back down to Los Angeles. The series had previously been shooting in Vancouver but the tax credit was an incentive to relocate filming and create more jobs for the people of California.


The campy cult film 'Sharknado 4'  from SyFy also joins the list, receiving $400,000 of the tax credits for its upcoming made-for-tv movie.

New Shows And Pilots

The tax incentive was also required to be given to a specific amount of new shows. This is important because it gives new productions a chance to take off and potentially grow and create more opportunities for workers in California. The incentives went to pilots and series from many different networks, including SVOD.


'13 Reasons Why', an upcoming Netflix drama with Selena Gomez's name attached, topped the list at $6.4 million in tax credits. The series is followed by FX's 'Snowfall, and TNT's Animal Kingdom', receiving $4.9 million and $4.3 million respectively. Joining them is an MTV show titled 'Little Darlings' that will receive $2.2 million.

The two TV pilots set to receive tax credits are both Untitled Dan Fogelman Projects, one on NBC, receiving $1.2 million, and the other on FOX receiving $1.7 million. 

 Why Is This Good For Your Brand?

The more the California entertainment system is booming, the more opportunities your brand will have for product placement and brand integration through prop masters, set decorators, stylists and transportation departments who regularly use product placement as a staple in the multitude of productions they work on in their careers.  And they are usually happier and in better moods to embrace brands, when home with their families versus living in hotel rooms in other states. And with these shows receiving support from the state, they have a better chance for success, which means your brand does as well - but only if you get involved!

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