The Celebrity Child Modeling Career Is A Brand Benefit


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Celebrity Kids Have Their Own Careers - Modeling Careers, That Is

The scenario:  A group of brand marketers are gathered discussing their next ad campaign.  After the realization that budgets restrict hiring Demi, someone says “but we could hire Demi and Bruce’s daughter.”  A hush goes across the room, and everyone sighs in relief.  Problem solved.  Celebrity sells. And brands can still create a celebrity endorsement, even when that celebrity just happens to be the model’s parents.

We took a look at why celebrity kids make it big so easily, and why they can be a brand marketer's best friend.   

Why Celebrity Children vs. The Celebrity

In a time when celebrity endorsers are being paid an incredible amount of money, the celebrities’ children appearing as models in advertising offers brands a unique opportunity that can have big payoff and be a major brand benefit.  That opportunity is the ability to appear to rub shoulders with ‘royalty’, while still conserving some major dollars and appealing to a consumer audience already familiar with the name and look presented.  Many of the faces glancing at us from the pages of print advertisements nowadays are known celebrity’s children – selected by brands for a number of reasons, although primarily because of their happenstance of having been born into a world of privilege.   



These children are genetically advantaged, often sharing more than just a passing resemblance to their celebrity parent – or in many cases – parents, sharing similar faces and body types.  From day one, while under the watchful eye of the media and the world, children of celebrities learn how to present themselves naturally and are fully at ease in front of cameras, something foreign to most individuals, and a major advantage.  They also grow up in an adult world, able to hold their own with adults at an earlier age with poise. 


The celebrity-children-turn- models exude a confidence in front of the cameras they were literally born into, and that likely took their own parents time to learn, and this ease makes them terrific subject matters. In fact, these celebrity children grow up with the best opportunities with a very unique education ingrained from birth.  An expensively styled haircut, the right style of designer clothing, the understanding of how important fitness and eating well all become part of the very essence of the individual just from growing up in a celebrity household. 


How A Famous Name Benefits A Brand

Of course an added benefit of the celebrity kid as a model for a brand is that there is the shared celebrity last name and the cache of being already proven as press release friendly.  In this social media age, these celebrity children typically garner their own large followings.  Brands love that factor – even if it means paying a little more for a glimmer of stardom versus just a no-name pretty face in their campaign ad. Most recently, E! News Online reported on how Meryl Streep’s daughters have been hired to showcase the newest fashion collection for clothing retailer &Other Stories, an online store that launched in the USA last year.  



In life, especially Hollywood, so much is about who you know and how to leverage your contacts. Celebrity children are born into a world where they can easily open doors closed to so many others. And often, those doors are attached to brands' advertising campaigns, and even future roles in television or film. One thing to always remember is that the value of the celebrity endorsement lies not only in the star's power, but the following as well.


Lily Rose Depp Is The Most Recent Celebrity Child Star To Wow The Public

Lily Rose Depp, Johnny Depp and his ex-partner Vanessa Paradis’ daughter made her modeling debut in the new issue of Australia-based magazine, Oyster. Following in her famous mother's footsteps, the child star has spent the majority of her life shying away from the spotlight. However, the 15 year-old beauty has turned heads and caused quite a media frenzy with the release of her most recent modeling shots.


Lily Rose was photographed in a garden in Los Angeles by photographer Dana Boulos. The blonde beauty has posed for a series of photographs for the magazines, donning different outfits and channeling different styles. Though she hasn't been picked up exclusively by a fashion brand - the rising star certainly has the potential (and the leverage) to conquer the fashion world.


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